Composition Department

Projectus (1995)

Indiana University New Music Ensemble
David Dzubay, conductor; John Rommel, trumpet

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Available on David Dzubay: Chansons Innocentes (IUSM 13). (and online retailers).

DURATION: 11 minutes

INSTRUMENTATION: solo C trumpet, 2 oboes, 2 Bb clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 F horns

PERUSAL SCORE  pdf of entire score...for web viewing only. If you need a hard copy printed, please order it from Pro Nova Music


Projectus was commissioned by the Detroit Chambers Winds and premiered by that ensemble on February 25, 1996, with Kevin Good as the soloist and Robert Reynolds conducting.

The title for this work was suggested by the solo instrument, the trumpet having such an effective projection of sound; however, the idea of projection is applied to many facets of the composition in Projectus. Certainly, the trumpet plays its archetypal role to some extent, most prominently in the opening fanfare, but more important is how the trumpet projects musical ideas into the rest of the ensemble. Thus, ideas projected by the trumpet are echoed and imitated by the other instruments. This concept is reflected in the seating arrangement, which emphasizes the musical divisions within the ensemble, with the trumpet set off to the right side, the horns in the middle, and the six woodwinds opposite the trumpet.

Projectus falls into four large sections: A, A1, B, and A2, each of which have four internal divisions , reflecting the larger structure (aaba, bbcb, ddcd, abba). Between each of the large sections is an interlude, during which the trumpet gets to rest. A, A1, and A2 are energetic in character, and increasingly so, each one faster and more frantic than the last. The third large section, B, is mostly slow, quiet music, featuring the lyrical side of the trumpet. (David Dzubay)

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