Composition Department

Internal Awards

Indiana University Dean's Prize in Music Composition - Category A (Orchestral Work)

1987 Mark Phillips, Turning
1989 James Aikman, A Bottle of Notes and Some Voyages
1991 David Dzubay, Awakening
1993 James Aikman, Concert Music for Strings
1994 Keith Fitch, Totem
1995 David Heuser, Moon Cycles
1996 Teresa Levelle, Concerto for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
1997 Lincoln Hanks, Themes of Eventide
1998 Mischa Zupko, Lumens
1999 Forrest Pierce, Gunmetal Music
2000 Stacy Garrop, Thunderwalker
2001 Mischa Zupko, Canter into Black
2002 Martin Kennedy, Juvenilia
2003 Daniel Bradshaw, Jubilus
2004 Michael Johanson, The Garden of Earthly Delights
2005 Joseph Sheehan, Sails Away to Soft, Sweet Bells
2005 Daniel Highman, The Joy of Fishes
2006 Yoomi Paick, In Misera Poena
2007 James Holt, Without Written Approval
2008 David Schneider, Automation
2009 Austin Jaquith, Blaze of Autumn (Five Images from Fall)
2010 Clint Needham, "the Body Electric"
2011 Brian Ciach, Collective Uncommon
2012 Ryan Chase, The Light Fantastic
2013 Elliott Bark, YOOK-I-O
2014 Sang Mi Ahn, Valley of Dry Bones
2015 Jay Hurst, Still Lives
2016 Phillip Sink, After Images
2017 Nicholas Landrum, Alinea (orchestra)
2017 Christopher LaRosa, Silhouettes (band)
2018 Will Trachsel, These Lines, Unseen

Indiana University Dean's Prize in Music Composition - Category B (Chamber or Ensemble Work). From 1993 on, the prize includes a commission for the IU New Music Ensemble.

1977 Mark Phillips, Morphallaxis I
1977 Kazuo Tokito, Kohaku
1978 Allyn Bendict
1978 Chan Ka Nin
1978 Mark Phillips, Synchro-Syzygy
1988 David Dzubay, Brass Quintet
1989 David Dzubay, Chansons Innocentes
1990 Keith Fitch, in the rain-darkness
1991 Keith Fitch, Todestanzen
1992 James Aikman, Glossolalia
1993 Bruce Hamilton; commission: Kinetikos
1994 Petros Ovsepyan; commission: Zarathustra mon amour
1995 Michael Johanson; commission: Tremors from the Abyss
1996 Robert Reno, Gales of Ascent; commission: Restless
1997 Bruce Hamilton, Verges
1998 Jason Haney, An die Musik; commission: Bright Mesas, Deep Shadows
1999 Mischa Zupko, Jasmine's Looking Glass; commission: Farrenheit
2000 Juan Cuellar, String Quartet No. 1; commission: La Toros de Barreras
2001 Kenneth D. Froelich, Dance of the Green Bird; commission: Age of Irony
2002 Derek Johnson, Balance; commission: Focus
2003 Garrett Byrnes, Triptyclism; commission: Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra
2004 Yoomi Paick, Three Strange Images; commission: Crossover
2005 Alexandre Eisenberg, Concerto for Viola and Mixed Ensemble
2005 Daniel Highman, The Eye Mounts Like a Strange Balloon Toward Infinity; commission: Oblique Strategies
2006 Joseph Sheehan, Octet; commission: Colors Suspended in Perpetual Ascent
2007 Clint Needham, Axioms; commission: Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
2008 Eric Nathan, Onement; commission: One Voice
2009 Teddy Niedermaier, Liturgies; commission: Upon this Rock
2010 Ryan Chase, Lost Coast; commission: Do it Live!
2011 Francisco Cortéz-Álvarez, Laundry Revolutions; commission: Canta y no llores
2012 Jeremy Podgursky, MINDJOB (version 2.0); commission: As A Spell, Against Falling Objects (or How I Learned to Love Gravity)
2013 Chris Renk, Cave Paintings; commission: The World of Tomorrow
2014 Jay Hurst, Grand Guignol; commission: kodama
2015 Phillip Sink, Blue Ridge Lights; commission: Argle Bargle
2016 Grant Luhmann, Grodek; commission: The Great Emu War of 1932
2017 Felipe Tovar-Henao, Los Tropicos Ocultos
2018 Kyle Rotolo, Exhale the Moon

Indiana University Dean's Prize in Music Composition - Category C (Undergraduate Chamber Music)

1987 Keith Fitch, Nightscape
1988 Keith Fitch, Cut River
1989 Keith Fitch, Songs of the Autumn Rain
1995 Daniel Kellogg, Sticky Fire
1996 Daniel Kellogg, Points of Aggression
1997 Robert Manthey, Exorcism
1998 Martin Kennedy, These Parting Gifts
1999 Matthew Van Brink, Contexts
2000 John Supko, Pictures of a Day
2001 Sean Shepherd, Two Songs of Youth
2002 Alexandra du Bois, Quintet, A Requiem for the Living
2003 John Glover, Salome
2003 Jeffrey Stanek, Fantasies and Dances
2004 John Glover, Quartet
2005 Robert Kane, Agon
2006 Eric Guinivan, Cradle Song
2007 Bryan Christian, Sonata Da Sabbia Dorata
2008 John Leszczynski, Obsidian Butterfly
2009 Max Tholenaar-Maples, Me and the Modern World
2010 Elizabeth Ogonek, Szymborska Poems
2011 Max Grafe, Moon Cycles
2012 Bin Li, Cursive
2013 Evan Rees, Cabaret Songs
2014 Will Rowe, Secessionist Subjects
2015 Yihan Chen, Vanished Through Time
2016 Grant Luhmann, Grodek
2017 Paul Mortilla, Stupor
2018 Abel Esbenshade, Three Pieces for Solo Cello

Indiana University Dean's Prize in Music Composition - Category D  (in honor of Morris and Sheila Hass: Electronic Composition)

2005 Robert Griffin Morgan, Hyper Cube
2006 Neil Thornock, From Huygens’ Workshop
2007 Iddo Aharony, Until the Sea
2008 Mark Oliveiro, A Cycle of Fallacy
2009 Adam Haws, Zum Raum wird hier die Zeit
2010 Mark Oliverio, In Maluga
2011 Melody Eötvös, Patoises I: Blue
2012 Steven Snethkamp, Melting
2013 Benjamin D. Taylor, Shipbreaking
2014 Louis Goldford, Grand Sepia Taksim
2015 Samuel Wells, Leander's Swim
2016 Phillip Sink, To See in Color
2017 Christopher LaRosa, Colonizer
2018 Zhigong Wei, From a Distance

Indiana University Georgina Joshi Composition Commission Award

2008 Adam Haws, Dada Gedichte; commission: âzmân-khez
2009 Eric Lindsay, The Real Mother Goose; commission: Piano
2010 Brian Ciach, Mölna Elegy; commission: Road Trip
2011 Tonia Ko, Wanderer Moon; commission: Many Splendid Forgettings
2012 Chappell Kingsland, Hopewell Haiku; commission: Dans l'espoir de ce jour
2013 Erik Ransom, The Cracked Bell; commission: A Prayer in the Spring
2014 Yie Eun Chun, Urban Polyphony & Game of Fives; commission: Read My Riddle!
2015 Texu Kim, Monastic Sceneries & Stre--tch; commission: Lotus Voice
2016 Corey K. Rubin, In the Name of the Bee; commission: To The Flame
2017 Christopher LaRosa, Kite
2018 Matthew Recio, In Memoriam

Mrs. Hong Pham Memorial Recognition Award for New Music Performance

2009 Eric Allen, cello
2010 Chappell Kingsland, piano
2011 Michelle Lie, violin
2012 Elliott Bark, conductor; Emily Levine, harp; Heidi Radtke Siberz, saxophone
2013 Miles Edwards cello; Bridget Leahy percussion; Sam Wells trumpet
2014 Maya Nojiri cello; Heath White flute; Nick Morandi clarinet
2015 Miles Edwards cello; Nick Morandi clarinet; Eliza Bracken cello
2016 Robin Meiksins, flute; Isaac Allen, violin; Paul Mortilla; violin, voice, conducting
2017 Leigha Amick, voice, violin; Jake Gunnar Walsh, oboe, voice; Corey K. Rubin, voice, conducting; Wai Ki Wun, clarinet
2018 Jake Gunnar Walsh, oboe, voice; Corey K. Rubin, voice, conductor; Jamie Kunselman, voice, percussion

Indiana University Kuttner String Quartet Composition Competition

2000 Juan Cuellar, String quartet no. 1, Paisajes y retratos
2001 Justin Merritt, Ravening
2002 Christopher Lee, String quartet no. 3, Sundogs
2003 Alexandra Dubois, String Quartet no. 2, Quartet of Images
2004 Joseph Sheehan, String Quartet
2005 Clint Needham, String Quartet no. 1, Shades of Green
2006 Austin Jaquith, String Quartet no. 3
2007 Jonathan Sokol, Amidst Asphodel Meadows
2008 Elliott Bark, Winter Sketches
2009 Adam Haws, String Quartet
2010 Melody Eötvös, Olber’s Dance in the Dark
2011 Michael Sweeney, Play
2012 Jay Hurst, Chekhov’s Gun
2013 Phillip Sink, Lake Effect
2014 Nicholas Morandi, Actor
2015 Miles Friday, Peripatetic Doors

Indiana University Contemporary Vocal Ensemble Choral Composition Competition

2004 Marian Harrison, Sleep
2004 Jonathan Wey, The Blessed Tree
2008 Joni Greene, Autumn Reflections
2010 Joshua Groffman, For You Have Struggled With God and With Men
2013 Vini Frizzo, Nightscape

NOTUS IU Contemporary Vocal Ensemble Choral Composition Contest

2014 Patricia Wallinga, Portraits of Wartime (first prize); Phillip Sink, Fire and Ice (second prize)
2015 Corey K. Rubin, After-Glow
2016 Matthew Recio, How to Survive Vesuvius (first prize); Christopher LaRosa, Breath (second prize)

Midwest Composers Symposium

2002-2003 (Oberlin)
Large ensemble: Derek Johnson, Moon Songs
Chamber works: James Holt, Testament; Anthony Lanman il dolce stile nuovo; Jeffrey Stanek Fantasie and dances; Garrett Byrnes, Cosmopolitan Etudes Book 1; Gordon Williamson, poco a poco .. meno mosso

2003-2004 (Iowa)
Large ensemble: Rafael Hernandez
Chamber works: David Johnson, Soliloquy; Derek Johnson, Balance; Kang-gyu Lee, A Strange Dream; Bum-ki Kim, Aega; Kenneth D. Froelich, Serendipitous

2004-2005 (Michigan)
Large ensemble: Yoomi Paick, Three Strange Images
Chamber works: John Glover, Quartet; Robert Kane, Morning Song; David Schneider, Evocations Adam Schweigert, Seven Haiku Neil Thornock, Renewal

2005-2006 (Illinois)
Large ensemble:  Anthony Joseph Lanman,  Three Lamentations on the Death of John Dowland 
Chamber works:  Daniel Bradshaw,  Synapse;  Eric Guinivan , Cradle Song;  David Schneider , Clockwork;  Abigail Shupe,  Weasel;  David E. Farrell,  . . . drifitng days. . .

2006-2007 (Indiana) 
Large ensemble:    Neil Thornock,  O years! and age! farewell 
Chamber works:    Elliott Bark ,  Good Fight and Race;  Eric Knechtges, Exotherm;  Jeff Stanek,  One Little Chord;  Andrew Estel,  Four Vignettes; Bryan Christian,  Two Etudes of Consonance;  Austin Jaquith,  String Quartet No. 3;  Clint Needham,  Axioms

2007-2008 (Iowa) 
Large ensemble:    David FarrellRe-Callings 
Chamber works:   Clifford Gagliardo , Brass Quintet;  Max Tholenaar-Maples , Quartet for four Xylophones;  Sarah Gibson , Amalgamation; Iddo Aharony , Until the Sea;  Elliott Bark , Ballade Mystique;  Jeremy Sment , Violin Sonata No. 1;  Eric NathanFour Sculptures

2008-2009 (Michigan) 
Large ensemble:   Sang Mi AhnPsalm 30 
Chamber works:  Elliott BarkThree Musical MomentsBrian Ciach , Molna Elegy;  Jonathan GraybillTrio for Violin, Cello and Piano -  1st movementLaura KramerWarpedTeddy NiedermaierSpe Salvi; Elizabeth OgonekDuo for violin and celloJonathan SokolInhalation Dance

2010-2011 (Ohio)
Large ensemble:   Eric LindsayCoronary Dance 
Chamber works:   Ezra Donner, Sonata No. 1;   Melody Eötvös,   Die Höhle hohle;   Josh Groffman,   Music for Piano Four Hands;   Chappell Kingsland, Gravitation: I. Orbits; Tim Miller, Sketches on Scars; Jeremy Podgursky, Open Circuit; David Roberts, Four Minatures; Natalie Williams, Five Bagatelles

2011-2012 (Indiana)
Large Ensemble (chamber orchestra): Natalie Williams, Les Chants du Maldoror; Justin Groffman, At Last the Secret is Out
Chamber Works: Carlo Vincetti Frizzo, A la Noche; Ryan Chase, Gold Rush; Bin Li, Fanfare; Melody Eötvös, How Dragonflies Cross the Ocean; Mike Sweeney, ; Sang Mi Ahn, Hwae-Sang; Gabriel Lubell, He Guards the Vision of the Sunset Sky

2012-13 (Iowa)
Chow Jun-Yi, Sonata for Viola Solo (2012); Ezra Donner, Tchotchkes (2012); Jay Hurst, Chekhov’s Gun (2011); Eric Lindsay, Town’s Gonna Talk (2011); Elliott Bark, Eternal Springtime (2011); Nicholas Cline, 3 Duos (2011); Benjamin D. Taylor, Shipbreaking (2011); Chris Renk, Cave Paintings (2009, rev. 2011) – for large ensemble

2013-14 (Michigan) - Repertoire Coming Soon
Sang Mi Ahn, Loki's Castle (2010) – for large ensemble; Ian Clarke, Little Cloud of Possibilities(2013); Corey Dundee, Star Bits (2011); Melody Eötvös, Unusual Words (2013); Louis Goldford, Grand Sepia Taksim (2013); Jay Hurst, EXIT(2013); Texu Kim, Sketches for Contradanse (2012) – for large ensemble; Kenji Kuriyama, Illuminations; Erik Ransom, The Cracked Bell (2012); Benjamin Taylor, Can you Crack It(2012)

2014-15 (Ohio)
Yihan Chen, SPIRITS: II. Rain; Ian Clarke, Buzz Click Clean/Mortality; Jess Turner, Black Bolt! – for wind ensemble; Jihyun Kim (jk98), Three Etudes for Piano Solo; Jihyun Kim (jk211), The Isle of Innisfree; Qi Li, "Ze Meng Boat" (舴艋舟 ); Matthew Recio, Sea Calls; Aaron Smith, Broken Jaw; Will Rowe, Schrödinger's Promise – for mixed chorus

2015-16 (Indiana)
Alex Blank, Until the Sun Dies (2015); Nicolas Chuaqui, Voices of the Nebulae (2016); Paul Mortilla, Rush Hour Syndrome (2015); Chris Neiner, Toy Chest (2015); Christopher Poovey, Contamination(2015) – for brass choir; Erik Ransom, Man and the Sea(2014); Matthew Recio, How to Survive Vesuvius (2015); Corey Rubin, Tight Ropes (2014); Phillip Sink, Flex (2015); Nathan Stang, From Tres sonetos de amor: I. Soneto LXXIX, III. Soneto XX; Jess Turner, Songs from Bedlam (2014) – for baritone and orchestra

Kids Compose!

2006-2007 Band: David Farrell, Eric Knechtges; Orchestra: Laura Kramer, Matthew Peterson
2007-2008 Elliott Bark, Jonathan Graybill, Jeffrey Stanek, David Werfelmann
2008-2009 Joshua Groffman, Lawrence Chappell Kingsland, Elizabeth Ogonek, Jonathan Sokol
2009-2010 Band: Max Grafe, Melody Eötvös; Orchestra: Adam Haws, Brendan Faegre
2010-2011 Band: Francisco Cortez Alvarez, Timothy Miller; Orchestra: Sang Mi Ahn, Carlo Frizzo
2011-2012 Band: William Bryant, Mahlon Berv; Orchestra: Steven Snethkamp, Ben Taylor
2012-2013 Band: Benjamin Taylor, Nicholas Cline; Orchestra: Junyi Chow, Texu Kim
2013-2014 Band: Ari Fisher, Erik Ransom; Orchestra: Kevin Hartnett, Melody Eötvös
2014-2015: Band: Curtis Smith, Daniel Hansen; Orchestra: Yihan Chen, Max Ramage
2015-2016: Band: Qi Li, Jihyun Kim; Orchestra: Ara Cho, Corey Rubin

Kate & Cole Porter Memorial Composition Scholarship

1985-1888 Jeffrey Young
1988-1990 David Dzubay
1990-1992 James Aikman
1992-1993 Anphonso Tenreiro
1993-1995 Keith Fitch
1995-1997 Bruce Hamilton
1997-1999 Andrew Dionne
1999-2001 Justin Merritt
2001-2002 Derek Johnson
2002-2004 Daniel Highman
2004-2006 Ryan Burruss

Juan Orrego-Salas Composition Scholarship

1996-1998 Martin Kennedy
1998-2000 Mikolaj Gorecki
1999-2000 Matthew Van Brink
2000-2001 Daniel Bradshaw
2000-2002 Christopher Lee
2001-2002 Justin Messina
2001-2002 Catharina Palmer
2002-2003 Joseph Sheehan
2003-2004 Neil Thornock
2004-2005 KyungA Min
2005-2009 David Farrell
2009-2010 Diana Valdes Rosado
2010-2011 David Roberts
2011-2014 Kevin Garza
2014-2015 Qi Li
2015-2016 Qi Li and Matthew Recio
2016-2017 Felipe Tovar-Henao

Bernhard Heiden Composition Scholarship

2001-2002 Jeffrey Lowe
2002-2004 David Schneider
2004-2006 Clint Needham
2006-2007 Sang Mi Ahn
2008-2009 Aron Frank
2010-2011 Aron Frank (Fall), Kaitlyn Raterman (Spring)
2011-2012 Aron Frank, Kaitlyn Raterman
2012-2014 Ari Fisher
2014-2017 Paul Mortilla

Presser Music Award

2006 Kang-Gyu Lee
2008 Brian Ciach

Burnett/Masters Junior Scholarship

2008-2009 Elizabeth Ogonek
2010-2011 Aron Frank

Jacobs School of Music Doctoral Fellowship

1996-2000 Dorothy Chang
2000-2004 Alexandre Eisenberg
2001-2005 Rafael Hernandez
2004-2008 Yoomi Paick
2004-2008 David Schneider
2004-2008 Joseph Sheehan
2006-2010 Clint Needham
2009-2013 Jeremy Podgursky
2011-2012 Matthew Peterson
2012-2016 Phillip Sink