Composition Department

External Awards

ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Awards

(HM = Honorable Mention; A=Alumnus)
1987, 1990 Joseph Klein
1988, 1989, 1990 David Dzubay
1989, 1993, 1995 Keith Fitch
1994 Alfonso Tenreiro
Cindy Cox
Bruce Hamilton 
John Russo
Leslie Sommer
1994 Paul Osterfield
Petros Ovsepyan
1998, 1999, 2003 (HM) Martin Kennedy
1998, 1999, 2000 (HM), 2002 (A) Stefan Freund
1998 John Supko
1998, 2000 (A) Robert Paterson
1999 N. Lincoln Hanks
1999 (HM), 2002 (A), 2003 (A) Mathew Van Brink
1999 (HM), 2002 (A) Robert L. Bennett, Jr. 
1999 (HM) Forest Pierce
1999 (HM) Jacqueline Jeeyoung Kim
1999 (HM) Jason Haney 
1999, 2001 (A) Nancy Kho
1999 Dorothy Chang
1999 (HM), 2000, 2001, 2003 Daniel Kellogg (former student)
1999, 2000, 2001 Mischa Zupko
2000, 2001 (A) Emily Doolittle
2002 (HM) Kenneth Froelich
2002 (A) Yotam Haber
2002 (HM) Derek Johnson
2002 Anthony Lanman
2003 Christopher Lee
2003 (HM) Gordon Williamson 
2004 Kenneth Froelich
2004 (A) Yotam Haber
2004 (HM) Daniel Highman
2005 (A) Matt Van Brink
2006 (HM), 2007, 2008 (HM) Clint Needham 
2006 (HM) Yoomi Paick 
2007 Elizabeth Ogonek 
2007 (HM) Teddy Niedermaier
2008 Eric Nathan 
2009 Clint Needham
2010 Jonn Sokol 
2011 (A) Eric Guinivan
2011 (HM, A) Elizabeth Ogonek
2011, 2012 (A) Eric Nathan
2012 Michael Sweeney
2013 Ryan Chase, Yie-Eun Chun, Francisco Cortes-Alvarez
2013 Matthew Peterson (HM, A), Melody Eötvös (HM)
2014 Eric Guinivan (A)
2015 Jay Hurst, Yihan Chen
2017 Qi Li, Ryan Chase (A), Yihan Chen (A), Felipe Tovar-Henao (HM)
2018 Felipe Tovar-Henao

BMI Student Composer Awards

(WSP = William Schuman Prize; A=Alumnus)
1967, 1970 Eugene O'Brien
1987, 1988 David Dzubay
1992 Petros Ovsepyan
1993, 1994, 1995 Heather Anne Schmidt
1994 David Nalesnik
1996, 1999 (WSP, A) Stefan Freund 
1997 John Supko
1998 Ryan T. Deasy
1998 Paul D. Osterfield (A)
1999 Andrew Dionne
2000 (WSP) Daniel Kellogg (former student)
2000 Nancy Kho
2000 Tom Osborne
2002 Derek Johnson
2003 Ben Jacob
2003 Joseph Sheehan (WSP) 
2003 Jeffrey Stanek
2004 Martin Kennedy (A)
2005 Joeseph Sheehan (WSP)
2005 Jeffrey Stanek 
2007 Bryan Christian 
2007 Eric Guinivan (A) 
2007 Clint Needham (WSP)
2007 Matthew Peterson
2008 Eric Nathan (WSP)
2009 Brendan Faegre
2011 Ryan Chase
2011 Benjamin D. Taylor
2011 Eric Guinivan (A)
2011 Will Rowe
2011 David Werfelmann (A)
2012 Ryan Chase
2014 Grant Luhmann
2015 Patricia Wallinga
2016 Paul Mortilla
2017, 2018 Matthew Schultheis

Other External Awards, Commissions, Honors:

(HM = Honorable Mention; A=Alumnus)
Aaron Copland Award (residency at Copland House)
    2003 Yotam Haber (A)
    2003 Doug Opel (A)
    2005 Robert Paterson (A)
    2007 David Dzubay (A)
    2008 Justin Merritt (A)
    2013 Tonia Ko (A), Keith Fitch (A)
    2015 Jeremy Podgursky
ACDA Brock Student Composition Award Brass Quintet Composition Competition 
    2015 Alex Berko
American Composers Orchestra Whitaker/Underwood New Music Readings
    2004 Dan Bradshaw (A), Robert Paterson (A)
    2007 Clint Needham (A)
    2009 Eric Nathan (A)
    2010 Eric Lindsay (A)
    2012 Ryan Chase (A), Benjamin Taylor (A)
    2013 Joshua Groffman (A)
    2015 Melody Eötvös
Australia Council Adelaide Baroque Commission 
    2006 Natalie Williams
Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra Young Composers Award 
    2007 Matthew Peterson 
Alea III International Composition Competition
    2004 Joseph Sheehan, Dance Dance Revelation (finalist)
American Art Song Competition 
    2004 Mark Buntag, Six Nocturnes and an Aubade (Best Song Cycle - Emerging Artist)
    2004 Dan levin, Two Longfellow Songs (Best Song Cycle - Student Composer)
    2004 William Harvey, When I have fears... (Finalist- Student Composer)
    2004 Garrett Byrnes, Songs of the Sea (Winner - Emerging Artist)
American Composers Forum/Vocal Essence Welcome Christmas! Carol Composition Competition
    2003 Thomas Fielding, Behold the Dark and Bitter Night 
American Composers Orchestra Whitaker/Underwood New Music Reading Sessions 
    Cindy Cox (A)
    1994 Keith Fitch, The Halluncinogenic Toreador
    Daniel Kellogg (A)
    2000 Juan Cuellar, Tatambo
    2002 Stacy Garrop, Sometimes a Wild and Quiet Place
    2003 Martin Kennedy, Juvenilia 
    2004 Robert Paterson (A), Electric Lines
    2004 Daniel Bradshaw, Jubilus  
    2005 Ken Froelich (A), Pulse Mutations 
    2005 Joe Sheehan, Sail Away to Soft, Sweet Bells
    2006 Clint Needham, Earth and Green 
    2008 Clint Needham, Chamber Symphony (commissioned work)
Areon Flutes International Chamber Music Competition
    2007 Chia-Ying Chiang,Four Elements for 4 Flutes
ASCAP/CBDNA Frederick Fennell Prize 
    2006 Eric Nathan (HM), Nightscape/Daybreak
ASCAP Foundation Leonard Bernstein Fellowship
    2008 Jeff Stanek
ASCAP Foundation Rudolf Nissim Award
    1994 Joseph Klein (HM)
    2000 Justin Merritt
    2003 Daniel Kellogg (A)
    2006 Jeffrey Hass (A)
    2010 Martin Kennedy (A)
    2011 Eric Nathan (A)
    2014 Matthew Peterson
    2015 Jeremy Podgursky (HM)
ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission
    1996 Bruce Hamilton
Aspen Music Festival - Jacob Druckman Prize
    1997 Dorothy Chang
    1999 Mischa Zupko
    2008 Clint Needham
Atlantic Center for the Arts Resident Fellow
    1989 Keith Fitch
    1998 Yotam Haber
Atlantic Coast Conference Band Directors Association (ACCBDA) 
Grant for Young and Emerging Wind Band Composers

    2008 Eric Nathan 
Austin Peay State University Young Composer's Competition
   2007 Nikolas Allen Jeleniauskas, Abstractions
Australian National Harp Composition Competition
    2004 Robert Griffin Morgan, The Moon Methinks Looks with a Watery Eye
Bakersfield Symphony New Direction's Concert Series Commission
    2006 Sarah Gibson, Quote 
Barlow Endowment Commission
    1992 Ricardo Lorenz
    1997 David Vayo (A)
    2001 Dorothy Chang
    2001 Stacy Garrop
    2005 Stacy Garrop (A)
    2005 Mischa Zupko  
    2012 Forrest Pierce (A)
Barlow Endowment LDS Commission
    2004 Neil Thornock
    2005 Dan Bradshaw 
Beethoven Club Composition Competition 
    2007 Elliott Bark, Duo for Flute and Cello
    2009 Brendan Faegre, The Circular Ruins 
Brass Chamber Music Forum Brass Quintet Composition Competition 
    2004 Clint Needham
Cabrillo Festival of New Music Fellowship/Commission
    2008 Clint Needham
Cambridge Madrigal Singers Choral Competition
    2000 Jason Bahr
Capes Foundation Fellowship, Government of Brazil
    2001 Alexandre Eisenberg
CEMJKO International Electroacoustic Music Contest 
    2006 Jeff Stanek, 1st Prize 
Composers Conference and Chamber Music Center Commission
    2008 Eric Nathan 
Chanticleer Composer-in-Residence
    2003 Jeeyoung Kim (A)
Charles Ives Scholarship from the Academy of Arts and Letters
    1997 Daniel Kellogg
    1998 Dorothy Chang 
    2002 Nancy Kho (A)
    2010 Clint Needham
    2010 Eric Nathan (A)
    2014 Jeremy Podgursky
Composers Inc. Lee Ettelson Prize
    2004 Mischa Zupko, Seven Deadly Sins
    2008 Clint Needham, Five Movements for Wind Quintet 
Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra Composition
    2000 Garrett Byrnes 
Dale Warland Singers New Music Commissioning Competition
    1998 N Lincoln Hanks
    1999 Jeeyoung Kim
Delaware Valley Chorale Young Musician's Award 
    2010 Josh Groffman, And Jacob Dreamed... 
Dupage Symphony Orchestra "Fanfare for our Fiftieth" Competition
    2003 Thomas Fielding
Finale National Composition Contest
    2011 Jeremy Podgursky (HM)
Fromm Foundation for Music at Harvard Commission
    Cindy Cox (A)
    2002 Mischa Zupko
    2005 Jason Bahr (A) 
    2005 Keith Fitch (A)
    2011 Jeremy Podgursky
    2013 Ryan Chase
Friends and Enemies of New Music - Composition Competition 
    2006 David Cutler (Winner) 
Fulbright Fellowship
    1994 James Aikman (Amsterdam)
    1997 Emily Doolittle (Amsterdam)
    2002 John Supko (France)
    2008 Matthew Peterson(Sweden)
G. Schirmer American Art Song Competition
    1995 James Aikman
Gaudeamus Prize Competition
    1988 Joseph Klein (HM)
Groupe de Musique Experimentale de Bourges, France
    1988 James Aikman and Armando Tranquilino, 1st prize
    1990 (HM) William Kleinsasser, Reflective Image
    2003 Kotoka Suzuki (A), first prize, multi-media category
Guild of Carillonneurs in North America Johan Franco Carillon Composition Competition 
    2004 Neil Thornock, Sonata
Hamilton Symphony Orchestra (Canada), Composer-in-Residence
    2002-2004 Heather Schmidt (A)
Heckscher Composition Prize - Ithaca College 
    2008 Clint Needham, Axioms 
Hymnia Chamber Choir Composition Competition (Denmark)
    2003 Catharina Palmer, Kissrain, Watersleep
Indiana State University Contemporary Music Festival Composition Contest
    1982 Stephen Suber
    1988 John Muehleisen
    1989 Jeffrey Hass
    1991 David Dzubay
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Reading Sessions and Performances
    1990 David Dzubay, Snake Alley
    1990 William Kleinsasser, Curving Influence
    1991 David Dzubay, Awakening
    1991 William Kleinsasser, Millennium's Edge
International Society of Bassists Composition Competition
    2010 (HM) Bin Li, Lake 1B11
International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) - Libby Larsen Prize
    2008 Yoomi Paick, Crossover
International Brass Chamber Music Festival (IBCMF) - Excellence Composition Award 
    2008 KyungA Ahn,Sailing to the Deep Blue Sea
International Frank Ticheli Composition Contest
    2007 Clint Needham (finalist) 
    2009 Clint Needham, Legacies
    2009 Joni Greene, Moonscape Awakening
    2009 Jonathan Sokol,Fantasy Sketches, Mvt. III: Escape from L�aer Ahliel, Flight & the Observatory (finalist) 
International's Tuba/Euphonium Association - Harvey Phillips Award for Excellence in Composition 
    2008 Rob Teehan (A), (Finalist), Concertino for tuba and wind ensemble
Jacob Druckman Composition Prize
    2008 Clint Needham 
Kronos Quartet Young Composer Commission Competition
    2002 Alexandra DuBois
Kubik International Prize in Composition
    2002 Jason Bahr (HM)
Long Island Arts Council at Freeport Sixth International Musical Composition Contest
    2009 Sang Mi Ahn (2nd Prize)
MAYO (Musical Arts Youth Orchestra) Competition
     2009 Chris Renk, Through Doorways Between Dreams
     2010 Jonn Sokol, Twice the Rising Sun
Meet the Composer / ASOL "MUSIC ALIVE" Residency 
    2003 Dorothy Chang, Albany Symphony Orchestra
Middle Georgia Composers Exchange
    2008 Joni Green, Autumn Reflections
Millenium Arts Society International Competition for Composers 
    2005 David Cutler (A) 
Minnesota Orchestra Reading Session & Composer Institute
    2002 Mischa Zupko
    2004 Robert Paterson (A), Electric Lines
    2006 Garrett Byrnes
    2007 Dan Bradshaw (A)
    2008 Justin Merritt, River of Blood 
    2008 David Schneider, Automation
2010 Clint Needham (A), The Body Electric
    2012 Brian Ciach (A), Collective Uncommon
    2015 Texu Kim (A), Splash!!
    2015 Matthew Peterson, Hyperborea
Mizzou International Composers Festival Residency
    2010 Francisco Cortés-Álvarez, Jeremy Podgursky
    2011 Yotam Haber (A), Clint Needham (A)
    2012 Brian Ciach (A)
    2013 Ryan Chase (A), Eric Guinivan (A)
    2014 Texu Kim (A) 
Music Teachers National Association Composition Competition
    2004 Brian Buch, Insomnia (2nd)
    2007 Brian Buch, Icy Silence of the Salamander Fire (1st)
MusicaNova Composition Fellowship
    2015 Nicholas Landrum
NACUSA Young Composers' Competition
    1988 J. Mark Scearce (1st)
    1996 Daniel Kellogg (1st)
    1998 Andrew Dionne (2nd)
    1998 Jeeyoung Kim (2nd)
    1999 Garrett Byrnes (2nd)
    2000 Dorothy Chang (HM)
    2002 Ben Jacob (2nd)
    2002 Garrett Byrnes (1st)
    2003 Kenneth Froelich (1st), Blue Fire
    2007 Eric Nathan (2nd), Four Sculptures
NACWPI Composition Project 
    2005 Clint Needham
National Association for the Teaching of Singing 
    Art Song Composition Competition 

    2006 David Cutler (1st)
National Federation of Music Clubs
Emil and Ruth Beyer Composition Award

    2000 David Nalesnik (HM), Congeries 
    2000 Mischa Zupko
    2001 David Nalesnik, Phantom
    2003 Thomas Fielding, O Lacrimosa
    2008 Brian Ciach, Piano Sonata No. 2
    2008 Martin McClellan (2nd), Sonata for Piano No. 2
    2008 Thade Correa (A, 2nd), Two Poems of Louise Gluck for voice and piano
New York Youth Symphony FIRST MUSIC Commissions
    2007 Clint Needham (A), Violin Concertino 
    2009 Elliott Bark (A), Element Cycle
    2010 Eric Guinivan (A), Meditation and Awakening
    2015 Tonia Ko (A) and Brendan Faegre (A), TBA
Victor Herbert/ASCAP Young Composers Award
    2003 J. Mark Inman, Non- 
    2004 Sarah E. Gibson, A Dubious Notion 
    2005 Andrew Estel, RED: A Song Cycle for Soprano and Piano    
    2007 Teddy Niedermaier Sonata for Violoncello and Piano 
    2007 Andrew Estel, SEA GODS
    2008 Sarah Gibson, Let Me Go 
    2008 Jeff Stanek, Turning 
Russell and Nancy Hatz Special Recognition Award
    2003 J. Mark Inman, Non-   
Devora Nadworney Award 
    2007 Andrew Estel, SEA GODS 
Sammy Nestico Award 
    2005 David Cutler (A) 
National Opera Association Chamber Opera Competition 
    2006 Matthew Peterson (Finalist), The Binding of Isaac
New Music for Young Audiences and Performers Competition
    2003 Ben S. Jacob, Avia Pieridum 
New York Youth Symphony FIRST MUSIC Commissions
    1990 David Dzubay, Awakening
    1993 Keith Fitch, Totem
    1994 Alphonso E. Tenreiro
    1995 David Heuser
    2000 Stefan Freund (A)
    2000 Mischa Zupko, Canter into Black
    2001 Emily Doolittle (A)  
    2002 Matt Van Brink (A); Control Room
    2007 Clint Needham
    2009 Elliott Bark, Shalom for Flute and Orchestra
Northridge Prize for Orchestral Composition 
    2004 Garrett Byrnes, Red Moon 
    2005 Jason Bahr, Golgotha  (A)
    2008 Matt Van Brink
    2009 Jeremy Podgursky

Nouvel Ensemble Moderne Forum 
    2004 Derek Johnson
Pacific Symphony Orchestra American Composers Competition
    2002 Mischa Zupko
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Composition Contest
    1989 Joseph Klein
    1991 David Dzubay
Philadelphia Orchestra Centennial Competition
    2000 Keith Fitch (A)
The Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble's Harvey Gaul Composition Competition
    2009 Clint Needham (HM)
Queen Elisabeth Composition Competition 
    2007 Brian Buch 
Quintet Attaca/Center for Chicago Programs
    2008 Clint Needham, Five Movements for Wind Quintet
Renee B. Fisher Piano Competition
    2002 Jason Bahr (3rd)
Robert Helps International Composition Competition
     2006-2007 Brian Buch (Finalist), Icy Silency of the Salamander Fire 
Rodrigo Riera International Guitar Composition Competition
    1999 Alexandre Eisenberg
Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra / ASOL Reading Session
    1989 James Aikman, A Bottle of Notes and Some Voyages
SCI/ASCAP National Student Commission Competition
    2008 Clint Needham, Jeremy Podgursky
    2013 Bin Li
    2013 Jun Yi Chow (Regional)
    2018 Stephen Karukas (Honorable Mention)
    2018 Matthew Schultheis (winner-undergraduate)
    2018 Felipe Tovar-Henao (winner-graduate)
Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation in the Library of Congress
    2008 Eric Lindsay
Syracuse Society for New Music Brian M. Israel Prize 
    1999 Robert Paterson, Quintus  
    2007 Eric Nathan, Onement 
USA International Harp Competition Composition Contest
    2003 Garrett Byrnes (First Prize), Visions in Twilight
    2003 Mischa Zupko (First Prize), Despedida 
Vancouver Chamber Choir Comission
    2007 Rob Teehan, Another Kind of Springtime
Toronto Kiwanis Music Festival
    2010 Daniel Seong Hyeon Lee (Top Prize), Break Dance!
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) Fellow
    2008 Jeff Stanek
Virginia College Band Directors National Association Symposium 32 for New Band Music 
    2006 Eric Nathan, Nightscape/Daybreak
VocalEssence Welcome Christmas! Carol Competition
    2003 Thomas Fielding, Behold the Dark and Bitter Night 
VocalEssence Essentially Choral Competition
    2006 Yoomi Paick, Credo 
    2007 Matthew Peterson, Miserere Mei 
    2008 Joni Green, Autumn Reflections
Washington International Competition for Composers 
    2006 Clint Needham (Second Prize)
Webster University Music School Young Composers Competition
    2008 William F. Bryant (Level II, Second Place)
World New Music Days
    2008 Kyung A Ahn (finalist)
    2013 Will Rowe
    2016 Jihyun Kim
Young Composers' Award from Symphony in C 
    2008 Clint Needham,Radiant Nation 
Young New Yorker's Chorus Young Composer's Competition 
    2007 Rob Teehan (A, 1st prize)