Composition Department

Guest Composers

Composers of national and international renown visit the School of Music every year, and participate in lectures, master classes and performances.

Past visitors include:

Samuel Adler  |  James Aikman  |  Luca Antignani  |  Daniel Asia  |  Milton Babbitt  |  Leslie Bassett  |  Harrison Birtwistle  |  William Bolcom  |  Brenton Broadstock  |  Margaret Brouwer  |  Earle Brown  |  Warren Benson  |  Dorothy Chang  |  Paul Chihara  |  Michael Colgrass  |  John Corigliano  | Cindy Cox  |  George Crumb  |  Sebastian Currier  |  Michael Daugherty  |  James Dashow  |  Tansy Davies  |  David Del Tredici  |  Lawrence Dillon  |  Wayne Dixon  |  Charles Dodge  |  Jacob Druckman  |  Moritz Eggert  |  Donald Erb  |  Eric Ewazen  |  Keith Fitch  |  Lukas Foss  |  Stefan Freund  |  Dai Fujikura  |  Michael Gandolfi  |  Philip Glass  |  Daniel Godfrey  |  Oswaldo Golijov  |  Donald Grantham  |  Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen  |  John Harbison  |  Stephen Hartke  |  David Heuser  |  Jennifer Higdon  |  Anders Hillborg  |  Sydney Hodkinson  |  Karel Husa  |  Lee Hyla  |  Andrew Imbrie  |  Masahiro Ishijima  |  Betsy Jolas  |  Hitomi Kaneko  |  Aaron Jay Kernis  |  Mark Kilstofte  |  Joe Klein  |  Barbara Kolb  |  William Kraft  |  David Lang  |  Libby Larsen  |  Gustavo Leone  |  Jie-Sun Li   |  David Liptak  |  Zhou Long  |  Steven Mackey  |  Sky Macklay | James MacMillan  |  Paula Matthusen | John McCabe  |  Cindy McTee  |  Alex Mincek  |  James Mobberley  |  Robert Moran  |  Jeffrey Mumford | Tristan Murail | Andrew Norman |  Elizabeth Ogonek  |  Gabriela Ortiz  |  Arvo Part  |  Stephen Paulus  |  Wayne Petersen  |  Shulamit Ran  |  Bernard Rands  |  Karl Aage Rasmussen  |  Steve Reich  |  Bruce Reiprich  |  Roger Reynolds  |  George Rochberg  |  Ned Rorem  |  Christopher Rouse  |  Steve Rouse  |  Poul Ruders  |  Frederic Rzewski  |  Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez  |  Gunther Schuller  |  Marilyn Shrude  |  Roberto Sierra  |  Harvey Sollberger  |  Kate Soper  |  Lewis Spratlan  |  David Stock  |  Steven Stucky  |  Kotoka Suzuki  |  Toru Takemitsu  |  Augusta Read Thomas  |  Frank Tichelli  |  Michael Torke  |  Joan Tower  |  George Tsontakis  |  Ken Ueno  |  Chinary Ung  |  Melinda Wagner  |  Dan Welcher  |  Richard Wernick  |  Chou Wen Chung  |  Scott Wheeler  | Olly Wilson  |  Julia Wolfe  |  Charles Wuorinen  |  Chen Yi  |  Beomseok Yoo  |  Nina C. Young  |  Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon  |  Mischa Zupko  |  Ramon Zupko  |  Ellen Taaffe Zwilich


Guest Composer Lessons, 2018–2019

During the academic year, a number of composers will be visiting the Jacobs School of Music and have agreed to spend three hours in semi-private meetings with our students, critiquing work and having discussions. Each lesson will take place in JS311 (Professor Dzubay's Office). Three students are sharing each time slot. You are asked to bring one completed work (both score and recording) to the meeting, where about 30 minutes will be devoted to your music. All listed composers should stay the whole 90 minutes to take advantage of the insights offered by the guest. Our thanks to the Student Composers Association for helping to bring in these guests!

Robert Paterson

A: K Bodor, M Recio, C Rubin

B: J Griffith, J Pellegrini, M Ridge

C: A Tedrow, L Henry

D: R Stees, A Logunov


Andrew Norman

A: R Rankin, K Bodor, M Recio

B: C Davis, R Jorgensen

C: W Smith, J Pellegrini

D: D Allen, M Schultheis, T Taylor

E: W Kim, B Jacob, M Torres


Jeffrey Mumford

A: N Cain, A Fackler, A Logunov

B: K Heeren, A Liao, L Henry

C: D Allen, M Schultheis, T Taylor

D: M Torres, W Kim, M Levin


Gabriela Ortiz

A: N Cain, M Recio, M Ridge

B: L Amick, R Jorgensen, L Rona

C: P Holcomb, M Schultheis, R Stees

D: S Lin, F Tovar-Henao, M Levin


Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez

A: L Amick, R Rankin, F Tovar-Henao

B: C Davis, K Heeren, W Smith

C: D Allen, S Lin, B Jacob

D: P Holcomb, M Torres, A Liao