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Degree Recitals


1. Avoid scheduling a degree recital on a Friday or Saturday night, if you wish to have your teachers and your peers in attendance. Many faculty and students are season ticket-holders for the IU Opera Theatre, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and other arts groups in the area that hold their presentations on these evenings. It is inconvenient, and sometimes costly, to change dates for which tickets have already been purchased. When arranging your recital, you should also avoid conflicts with the I500 Seminar, the New Music Ensemble and, whenever possible, with other major performing groups in the School of Music.  Recitals scheduled at 7:00pm or later on Saturday evening will NOT be required events for your student colleagues.

2. MM: Computer Music Composition recitals must be scheduled during a Fall or Spring semester (i.e. no Summer Session MM:MCM recitals).

3. Check the events page for possible conflicts.

4. You must include the year of composition and duration of each piece in the title field of the online recital form submission, and also indicate somewhere the instrumentation of each piece.

5. Immediately after scheduling your recital, send the date, time and location to the department coordinator for inclusion on the composition department Events page.

6. If your recital involves percussion, do NOT plan to use Ford Hall (see below).

7. When submitting the recital scheduling form, be sure that it is clear that you are presenting a composition recital.  Leave the field for your primary instrument blank.

JSoM Recital Scheduling Timetable and Information

K402 BM/BS Senior Recital in Compositon & I711 MM Master's Recital in Composition

Presentation of a recital (30-60 minutes of music) of compositions for different media written during residency, with the student participating as performer or conductor. 

K701 Doctoral Composition Chamber Recital 

Presentation of a recital (45-60 minutes of music) of compositions for different media written during residency, with the student participating as performer or conductor. Program notes addressed to the general public for the student’s Doctoral Composition Chamber Recital (500 words minimum) are required to be submitted to your doctoral committee at least two weeks in advance of your recital.

Electronic and Computer Music on degree recitals: 

No solely electronic works count toward the minimum duration. Works involving both musicians and electronics may be included subject to approval of the advisory committee. Works prepared using the facilities of the Center for Electronic and Computer Music must have the prior approval of Professor Jeffrey Hass or Professor John Gibson.

Music for Visual Media on degree recitals: 

Music written as scoring for visual media does not count toward a recital’s minimum duration unless the music is also expressly composed (or adapted with supervision of your current K400/K910 teacher) for concert presentation. 

Up to 10 minutes of the required recital length may be devoted to (approved) electronic works with musicians and/or to (approved) music scoring for visual media meant or adapted for concert performance with or without visual element.

  • Timpani, marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, xylophone (and any other large instrument) are not allowed to be used in Ford Hall.
  • IU gear is not to be used for performances outside the JSoM (meaning the JSoM facilities), unless permission given by Stacey Duggan and/or the percussion faculty.
  • IU gear is not to be taken off campus for any reason, unless permission is given by Stacey Duggan and/or the percussion faculty.
Special Piano Needs

If your work uses piano and calls for any technique other than normal playing on the keys, such as removing the lid or doing ANYTHING inside the piano, you MUST contact the Piano Shop.

Audio Support

If a work requires sound playback or sound reinforcement (microphones, etc.), it is the student's responsibility to contact Department of Audio Engineering and Sound Production for support. 

Support for departmental recitals is provided by the Department of Audio Engineering (DAE) free of charge; there may be a charge for individual degree recitals.  At this time the DAE only supports audio playback and sound reinforcement in Auer Hall and Ford Hall.  Send your request to at least two weeks in advance.  Provide details of work to be performed, equipment needs, recital and dress rehearsal date, time, and venue.  Requests submitted less than two weeks in advance will be fulfilled at the departments's discretion.

Full description of recording and sound reinforcement policies and capabilities

Information about Student Composition Recitals