Chamber and Collaborative Music

General Information

All students wishing to enroll in chamber music this semester must fill out the Chamber Music Group Sign-Up Form and turn it in to the Chamber Music Coordinator (JS 430) by the end of the third week of classes.

Course Requirements and Participation Policies for MUS-F 450/MUS-F 550

There are significant changes to the Chamber Music Program. They are as follows:

  1. ALL students MUST be enrolled in chamber music to participate in a group.
  2. ALL members of a group MUST be enrolled in either MUS-F 450 (undergraduate student) or MUS-F 550 (graduate student).
  3. Groups must be comprised of three or more people (duos by special permission only).
  4. Please LIMIT your group participation to TWO GROUPS.
    • Undergraduates and Graduates in a second group: please contact the Chamber Music Office for the correct section to add.
  5. If you feel that you must be in a third group, contact Prof. Ganatra for approval.
  6. If you are in more than one group, you MUST be enrolled in chamber music for EACH group and turn in the group form for EACH group.
  7. Please obtain the approval of a faculty member to act as your group's coach.
  8. If you are not able to find a coach by the group form deadline, we strongly urge you to WITHDRAW from chamber music this semester.
  9. Your group must receive at least seven coachings.
  10. Your group must perform in an IU venue (including master class).

There are separate class numbers for some specific chamber groups. These are as follows:

  • MUS-F 445: Brass Chamber Ensemble
    • Section 8258: Trombone Choir (Lenthe)
  • MUS-F 446: Woodwind Chamber Ensemble
    • Section 8244: (Klug)
  • MUS-F 447: Percussion Chamber Ensemble
    • Section 8245: Percussion Ensemble (Tafoya)
    • Section 8262: Hand Drumming (Spiro)
  • MUS-F 449: Harp Ensemble
    • Section 10959: (Szmyt, Tai)
  • MUS-O 450: Jazz Chamber Ensemble
    • Section 8247: Jazz Combos (Gillespie)
    • Section 8260: Latin Jazz Ensemble (Spiro)
    • Section 36367: Vocal Jazz Ensemble (Sutton)
  • MUS-Y 450: Early Music Chamber Ensemble
    • Section 12196: (North)
  • MUS-F 545: Brass Chamber Ensemble
    • Section 8259: Trombone Choir (Lenthe)
  • MUS-F 546: Woodwind Chamber Ensemble
    • Section 8244: Clarinet Choir (Klug)
  • MUS-F 547: Percussion Chamber Ensemble
    • Section 8245: Percussion Ensemble (Tafoya)
    • Section 8262: Hand Drumming (Spiro)
  • MUS-F 549: Harp Ensemble
    • Section 10960: (Szmyt, Tai)
  • MUS-O 550: Jazz Chamber Ensemble
    • Section 8248: Jazz Combos (Gillespie)
    • Section 8261: Latin Jazz Ensemble (Spiro)
    • Section 36371: Vocal Jass Ensemble (Sutton)
  • MUS-Y 550: Early Music Chamber Ensemble
    • Section 8249: (North)

For groups that require authorization, the Music Undergraduate/Graduate office will need permission from the instructor to be entered online so that you may register.

If you are in one or more of these special chamber ensembles, please be sure that you are registered in the correct class number. If you are not registered in the appropriate class number, then you will need to adjust your schedule on If you are participating in chamber music with a faculty coach but not in one of the groups listed above, then you MUST register in MUS-F 450 or 550.

Please note that certain degrees have certain chamber music requirements and not all groups will count for all degrees. Check your bulletin, degree sheet, or academic advisement report to see whether or not the chamber group that you want to take will count for your program requirements. You can also ask in the Music Undergraduate/Graduate Office.


If you have an existing incomplete and wish to remove it, DO NOT ENROLL for chamber music--it will be counted as a valid enrollment. Just make sure that you state on the group form that you're removing an incomplete. If you've already enrolled and have an incomplete, you can drop chamber music for this semester. The exception to this rule is if you are a diploma or performance major--in this case, you'll need to be in TWO groups: one group to remove the incomplete, the other group to satisfy your current enrollment (since you're required to be enrolled in chamber music every semester). Any incompletes must be made up within one calendar year.

Please remember: The final day for submitting completed Chamber Music group sign-up forms is by the end of the third week of classes.

Students who have not been able to form groups by the deadline will need to drop the course to avoid a failing grade.

Authorization and Final Schedule Adjustment forms

Students who need authorization signatures on their drop/add or registration forms should put the relevant form in the slot on Professor Ganatra's office door (JS 430). If you still have questions or concerns, please email us at

Please remember that schedule adjustment will be done via e-drop/add starting from the second week of classes.