Choral Department

2019-2020 Choral Placement Audition Information

Welcome to the Jacobs School of Music 2019 – 2020 academic year!  The Choral Department hopes you have a great year of study and music making. This page describes the audition process for placement in both concert choirs and opera choruses.

Information regarding Singing Hoosiers auditions can be found at  Singing Hoosiers have a separate audition schedule and location. Check out their website for complete details.

Details about the concert choirs and opera choruses, including their meeting times, follow at the bottom of the page.

Who needs a choral placement audition?

Anyone who needs or wishes to sing in one of the concert choirs or opera choruses. These groups earn MUS-X70 credit. Registration is required to participate in any Jacobs choral ensemble.

MUS-X70 is required of the following students:

  • all voice majors except:
    • doctoral students
    • master’s degree students who have successfully completed four semesters of fall and spring MUS-X70 (summer enrollment does not count towards the ensemble requirement)
  • all freshman and sophomore piano majors
  • junior and senior piano majors who are not registered for MUS-X2
  • master’s degree choral conductors

MUS-X70 also fills the major ensemble requirement for students majoring in organ, composition, guitar, music history, music theory, orchestra conducting, 2ndyear master’s degree in piano, and instrumentalists who are unable to register for MUS-X40 due to injury.  If MUS-X40 is the typical requirement for your degree, please get approval from Tom Wieligman and your teacher to use MUS-X70 as a substitute.

Please see the Jacobs School of Music Bulletin for the specific requirements of your degree, it supersedes any information provided here.

How do I sign up to audition for the concert choirs, opera choruses or the Conductors Chorus?

IF YOU ARE ALREADY REGISTERED FOR MUS-X70, logon to Canvas and select FA19 UNIVERSITY CHORAL ENSEMBLES: 3353 from the Courses menu. Once you are at the “Course Summary” page, choose one of the “Choral Placement Audition” options and click the “Reserve” to claim your audition slot.

After selecting your audition time, return to the UNIVERSITY CHORAL ENSEMBLES: 3353 page to fill out the Choral Audition Placement Form. You can find the form by clicking the Quizzes button on the left-hand menu.

IF YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY REGISTERED FOR MUS-X 70 (which is normal for students attending orientation), use the following link to access the audition sign up page. Once you are at this link, you will sign in with your Indiana University username and passphrase.  Then, first click on “enroll in course” and then on “go to the course.”  This will take you directly to “course summary” page and from there you can follow the instructions in the previous paragraph to sign up for an audition time and get the audition placement form.  NOTE: this link does not register you for MUS – X 70 but simply allows you to sign up for an audition time.

Slots fill up quickly. If there are no openings please check back, we will add times as the schedule fills.

The Jacobs School of Music requires students to be registered for MUS X-70 by the end of the first week of classes in each semester if this is a required course for your degree program. Once rehearsals begin students may be counted absent until their registration is complete, possibly effecting the final grade.

When are auditions held?

Wednesday August 21, 10:30am-6:30pm in Ford Hall

Thursday August 22: 10am-7pm in Ford Hall

Friday August 23: 10am-6:00pm in Ford Hall

Saturday August 24: 10am-5pm in Ford Hall

  • These are not drop-in auditions, please sign up for a specific audition time.
  • Schedule your audition as early in the week as possible.

What if I don’t get back to Bloomington until after August 24?

Students who do not return to Bloomington until Aug. 25 may schedule an audition for Monday, Aug. 26.  These students will not be eligible for the first opera chorus.  Monday auditions are only for those students who are not in Bloomington the previous week. No auditions will be scheduled after Tuesday, August 27. 

How do I audition?

The audition process is simple. You will sing a song, echo pitches played at the piano, and sight read short melodic and rhythmic exercises.  Your song may be in any style or language—art songs, folk songs and hymns are all acceptable.  No arias please, unless they are from a Baroque opera or choral work. Your audition piece does not need to be memorized.  We will cut you off if your song is too long or if we are running behind the schedule.  This is simply a reflection of our time restraints.  Choose something you are comfortable singing, not something to impress the committee. 

Will there be a pianist provided?

Yes.  Remember to bring a copy of your music for the accompanist, 2 copies if you do not have the piece memorized. The pianist will be sight reading, please choose your repertoire accordingly (no Erlkönig).

What if I don’t have a solo?

No worries, we will provide a commonly known piece of music for you to sing.  As an even easier alternative, we can ask you to vocalize in order to determine your voice type and range.

How long is the audition?

The entire process will last about seven minutes.

Do I need do audition separately for the opera choruses and the concert choirs?

No, one audition will suffice to be considered for all concert choirs and opera choruses for the academic year. It also covers the paid Conductors Chorus (non-credit), see below.

What happens next?

All student names will appear on rosters which are posted outside MA051 (Choral Office) and on Canvas on the first day of classes. These rosters will provide information such as the first rehearsal date and location, and when to check out your music folder from the Performance Ensembles Division (PED) counter in the Cook Music Library. If callbacks are required in order to make a final determination of your ensemble assignment, that information will appear on the rosters additionally.

Can't find your name on a choral roster once they are posted?

Don't worry, we frequently update the rosters throughout the 1stweek of classes.  If your name is missing when the rosters are posted on Wed., August 28, please notify David Villanueva in MA051, and keep checking the lists outside the choral office until your assignment is posted.

When do concert choirs and opera choruses meet?

Concert choirs rehearse on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2:30 - 3:50 p.m.

Opera choruses have music rehearsals Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:00 - 5:50. When staging rehearsals begin, the opera choruses meet daily from 4:00 - 6:00. Some operas require extensive choral participation, therefore making daily music rehearsals necessary.

Be sure to keep 2:30 - 5:50 p.m. available in your schedule until you receive your assignment for the semester.

What is the Conductors Chorus?

The Conductors Chorus is a paid chorus that sings for choral conducting graduate student recitals.

The group rehearses Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:30 – 3:50. This ensemble does NOT fulfill MUS-X70 requirements. The compensation, established by the Jacobs School for all paid student ensembles, is $12 an hour.  Each Conductors Chorus concert (two per semester) will have a separate roster.  It therefore is possible to be selected for as few as one or as many as all four of these recitals.  Rosters will be posted sometime after the first week of class. Any student who is new to the Conductors Chorus will be asked to fill out an Indiana University Employment Form in order to be hired and compensated for this work.

What if I’m not a music major?

Any student currently enrolled at IU Bloomington is welcome to audition for the Jacobs School of Music choruses.  You are also eligible to participate in the All Campus Choir (ACC), MUS- X01, which does not require an audition.  The first ACC rehearsal will be Monday, Aug. 26, just register and go!   All Campus Choir does notfulfill the MUS-X70 requirement for music majors.

What if I have a conflict with another class?

Ensemble assignments are based on your skills as demonstrated in your MUS-X70 audition and the needs of the Jacobs School’s programming; assignments cannot be built around student schedules. If you have a conflict with your ensemble placement you will be asked to find an alternate section of the conflicting course or to change the off-campus commitment. Avoid this complication and keep the chorus ensemble times open! You must be able to attend all rehearsals and performances in order to receive credit for MUS-X70, i.e., it is not possible to miss one or even a portion of one rehearsal per week.