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Only Jacobs School of Music students can schedule a session via this form. All other persons should contact the Audio Engineering Department directly. audio [at] indiana [dot] edu

Sessions scheduled via this page are free of charge.

Sessions must be scheduled at least one week in advance.

Sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students may reserve a maximum of two slots at a time. If you try to reserve more than two slots, your entire reservation will be cancelled.

For audition, application, and competition recordings, editing will be limited to breaks between movements and/or complete works. We will not make edits within the music.

Recordings will be delivered within one week of the recording session. If you need the recordings sooner, please let us know in advance. However be aware that we may not be able to honor such a request due to our engineer schedules and studio time constraints.

Audio and video files will be kept for 30 days after delivery. Students should download and review all recordings immediately. Contact us at staudrec [at] indiana [dot] edu if there are any problems. Changes will not be possible after 30 days.

We make our best effort to accommodate all requests, however there are a limited number of qualified engineers and studio slots so we may not be able to honor your request, or may ask you change to a different date or time.

Jacobs School facilites are intended primarily for academic use. Students are granted a limited license to use recordings made in JSoM facilties for personal, noncommercial use; such as in a professional portfolio, competition, or grant application. Recordings made using JSoM facilities may not be sold or used for commercial release without appropriate permission. Use of recordings must conform to the Jacobs School’s policies on the Rights of Ownership and Use of Audio and Video Recordings.


Session times: For the Spring 2019 semester, Sunday mornings and afternoons, and Thursday evenings are available for recording sessions.

Before the session: You will be contacted by your engineer a couple of days before your session. This is a good time to discuss your repertoire, what you hope to accomplish with the recording, and plan a strategy for the session. Plan on approximately 15 – 20 minutes of completed music for each hour of recording time. You should allocate a specific amount of time for each work to ensure that you are able to complete everything. For example, if you are recording two 15 minute works, you should allocate the first hour of the session to work one, and the second hour to the second one. We do not recommend that you attempt to record more than 40 minutes of music in one two-hour session.

During the session: Make sure you are fully rehearsed and prepared to perform the works in their entirety without stops and starts. Arrive at the studio about 15 minutes before your scheduled time so you can warm up. If possible, bring a trusted friend or teacher to your session to act as producer. The engineer will ask you to play/warm up while she makes adjustments to the sound. She'll record a short section and invite you into the control room to listen. The engineer can make adjustments to the sound or video shot if you wish, or if you are comfortable with everything you can start recording. Typically you would play each work two or three times until you feel you have a good performance, then you can take a break and listen to make sure you are happy with your performance. If not, you can play the work again. Make sure to use the session time efficiently so you can complete everything.

Recording engineers will not be held responsible for any musical decisions that are made during the session.

After the Session: Audio and video files will be posted to Box within one week of the session. You will recieve an email with links to the files. Please downloadand review your recordings immediately, Contact us at staudrec [at] indiana [dot] edu if there are any problems. If your recording requires post-production (editing and/or mixing) make arrangements directly with your engineer (remember, we will not make edits in recordings for auditions, applications, or competitions).

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If you have any questions, email us at staudrec [at] indiana [dot] edu