The Auto-W deadline for dropped classes (for courses that last the entire semester of spring 2020) is March 15.  In most cases, that is the latest you can drop a class.

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Contact the Music Graduate Office

Office Location
East Studio Building 120 (JS 120)
205 S. Jordan Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405

Mailing Address
1201 E. 3rd Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

Hours: 8 am–12 pm, 1–5 pm
Phone: 812-855-1738Phone

E-mail: musgrad [at] indiana [dot] edu

musicdgs [at] indiana [dot] edu (Eric Isaacson), Director 
serbes [at] indiana [dot] edu (Sara Erbes), Advisor
anmiller [at] indiana [dot] edu (Angie Miller), Recorder
musgrad [at] indiana [dot] edu (Laurie Staring), Secretary
musdoc [at] indiana [dot] edu (Janis Cooper Parker), Doctoral Clerk

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Waitlist and Schedule Adjustment

Waitlist Options

There is a waitlist option in the registration system. If you try to add a class and get the Errors found message that says the class is full, click in the OK to Waitlist checkbox and click on SUBMIT again. You will then get an Add status of Success/Messages. Always click on that link to get more information—that way you can find out your position on the waitlist.

If you are admitted to a class from the waitlist, it is possible to request that a course be automatically dropped from your schedule (this is called a "contingent drop.") If there is a specific class you want to drop from your schedule if your waitlist request is fulfilled, put the class number for that class in the Drop if enrolled field (located to the right of the OK to Waitlist checkbox) when you put yourself on the waitlist. 

Please note that when you put yourself on the waitlist for a class, you are waitlisting that particular section. If the class has multiple times it meets (multiple sections), and you would like to be put into whichever section opens up first, you need to put a waitlist on the class number for each meeting time.

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Schedule Adjustment

You will have two business days after your initial registration to change your schedule on-line for free. After that time, you will have an $8.50 fee when you access the registration system until the last day of the first week of classes. Every time you access the system for a $8.50 fee you will have that entire day to change things without an additional fee. For example, if you register for a spring semester on April 7, then log into the system on May 5 to change your spring schedule, you will be charged an $8.50 fee but will be able to log back into the system or make as many changes as you want until midnight on May 5 for free.  If you then make another change the following day, you will be charged the fee again.

Click here for the Student Central on Union's summary of schedule adjustment options and details.

You will be able to change your schedule in the registration system until the end of the first week of classes. After that, the procedure will change and the fees for changing your schedule will go up. Click here to see the deadlines for registration and see below for dates related to schedule adjustment.

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Late Schedule Adjustment (starting the second week of classes)

All schedule adjustments made during the Late Schedule Adjustment period must be done in person at the Student Central on Union or by using the eDrop/eAdd system. A paper drop/add form is required for in person schedule adjustment. Click here for the Student Central on Union's summary of late schedule adjustment options and details.

Fee: $23 per drop. No fee for adding a course.

A waiver of the late schedule change fee will be considered only when late schedule adjustment is being made as a result of a University office official error or request.

Remember that you must maintain full-time status in order to be in good academic standing. So if you drop a course and it takes you below full-time enrollment, you will need to add something in its place.

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Schedule Adjustment Dates

Fall Semester 2019 Spring Semester 2020 Summer Session 2020
Drop/Add—Schedule Adjustment
(via One.IU)
April 1 through Sunday, September 1 October 24, 2019 through Sunday, January 19, 2020 contact Music Graduate Office
Late Drop/Add
(via eAdd and eDrop)
begins Monday, September 2 begins Monday, January 20, 2020 contact Music Graduate Office
Automatic "W" Deadline Sunday, October 27 Sunday, March 15, 2020 contact Music Graduate Office

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Tuition and Fee Refund Dates

Fee Refund Deadlines (for semester courses only):

Fall Semester 2019 Spring Semester 2020 Summer Session 2020
100% Refund Sunday, September 1 Sunday, January 19 contact Music Graduate Office
75% Refund Sunday, September 8 Sunday, January 26 N/A
50% Refund Sunday, September 15 Sunday, February 2 contact Music Graduate Office
25% Refund Sunday, September 22 Sunday, February 9 N/A

If a graduate student drops hours after the first week of classes, the student will receive a partial refund for the dropped class(es) (for regular, full-term classes: 75% the second week, 50% the third, 25% the fourth and 0% thereafter) and will pay in full for the added class(es). The partial refund will be applied toward the fees charged for the added class(es).

However, in the 2nd week of classes of the fall or spring semester if you drop one class and add one class for an equal number of credit hours the tuition from the dropped class can be transferred directly to the added class (an "even exchange of fees").  This applies only in the 2nd week of classes and with several restrictions. has details (choose the "Graduate/Professional (Fall/Spring)" option).

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Withdrawal from all classes

If you want to withdraw from all classes after the semester has begun, you will need to work with either the Office of International Services (if you are an international student) or the Student Advocates Office (if you are not an international student).