The Auto-W deadline for dropped classes (for courses that last the entire semester of spring 2020) is March 15.  In most cases, that is the latest you can drop a class.

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Office Location
East Studio Building 120 (JS 120)
205 S. Jordan Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405

Mailing Address
1201 E. 3rd Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

Hours: 8 am–12 pm, 1–5 pm
Phone: 812-855-1738Phone

E-mail: musgrad [at] indiana [dot] edu

musicdgs [at] indiana [dot] edu (Eric Isaacson), Director 
serbes [at] indiana [dot] edu (Sara Erbes), Advisor
anmiller [at] indiana [dot] edu (Angie Miller), Recorder
musgrad [at] indiana [dot] edu (Laurie Staring), Secretary
musdoc [at] indiana [dot] edu (Janis Cooper Parker), Doctoral Clerk

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Program Planning Sheet - Doctoral

We are accepting Program Planning Sheets for spring 2020 now.
Please note:  After you submit your program planning sheet you will receive an email from the Music Graduate Office informing you that you are eligible to register after your plans are approved.  You will not be able to register until after you receive this reply.  Replies will usually go out within 24 hours (not including weekends) of program planning sheet submission, but sometimes take longer.

As the first step in registering for classes each semester, you need to submit the Jacobs School of Music's Program Planning Sheet. Click here for more information about registration, enrollment policies, and schedule adjustment.

Please fill out all of the information requested in the form below, then submit it by clicking the "submit the form" button at the bottom of the page. The Music Graduate Office will reply by e-mail once you are eligible to register; please read that reply carefully for registration instructions and for reminders about requirements.

Course information will be listed in the Schedule of Classes (click here for Spring 2020). Please note carefully the date at the top of the Schedule of Classes page. Unless it reflects today's date the information may be slightly out of date.

Doctoral students must usually enroll in at least 8 credit hours for fall and spring semesters until their final semester of coursework.

If you have questions, please contact the Music Graduate office at, 812-855-1738, East Studio Buildling 120.  

We are asking you to define the "Requirement Category" of the classes you will be taking. Some of those categories are already filled in on the program planning sheet for you (things like Performance Study [lessons] and masterclass).  For categories that are not already filled in, you will need to choose a course category from the drop-down menu. For example, if you are going to take MUS-T 508 Written Theory Review, then you will choose the "review course" category from the drop-down menu for the Requirement Category.

If you aren't sure about which category a course fits into, then put your best guess and then make a note in the notes field at the bottom of the form to let us know what you weren't sure about.

First name:   

Last name:  


Major Area:

Complete IU E-mail address:

Registration for which semester?:


Requirement category

(e.g. MUS-P900)

Credit hours

Class Number
(e.g. 54321)

Performance Study (if required):
                  Desired Instructor:  
Masterclass (if required): MUS-I 500 and/or MUS-I 501 0
Recital (if required):

When do you plan to complete your program?

Expected program completion term: Year:  Please note: this is not the semester you complete your coursework!  We would like an estimate of when you plan to complete your final requirements for the doctoral program including exams and final project/piano essay/dissertation.

If any of the courses above require permission from the instructor (that is, are marked "PERM" in the Schedule of Classes), please ask the instructor to email or call 855-1738 to give permission for you to register for that course. Without that permission, you will not be able to register for that class.

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