Registration for summer and fall 2019 is happening now for current students.

Here's a link to registration instructions and all program planning sheets.

Beginning Tuesday, May 14, all summer enrollment changes (initial registration and schedule adjustment) will use the eDrop/eAdd system

The Music Graduate Office will be CLOSED on Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5.

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Contact the Music Graduate Office

Office Location
East Studio Building 120 (JS 120)
205 S. Jordan Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405

Mailing Address
1201 E. 3rd Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

Hours: 8 am–12 pm, 1–5 pm
Phone: 812-855-1738Phone

E-mail: musgrad [at] indiana [dot] edu

musicdgs [at] indiana [dot] edu (Eric Isaacson), Director 
serbes [at] indiana [dot] edu (Sara Erbes), Advisor
anmiller [at] indiana [dot] edu (Angie Miller), Recorder
musgrad [at] indiana [dot] edu (Collin Lewis), Secretary
musdoc [at] indiana [dot] edu (Janis Cooper Parker), Doctoral Clerk

More Information


General Forms

Petition Form [PDF]

  • Use this form for general requests, petitions for exceptions, etc.

Schedule Adjustment Authorization [PDF]

  • Use this form in the first week of classes to get authorization to add a class that requires it

Independent Study Course Request (MUS-U 596 Research in Music) [PDF]

Seminar in Interpretation Course Request (MUS-F 561) [PDF]

  • Use this form to propose to enroll in MUS-F 561 Seminar in Interpretation

Program Planning Sheet [online forms]

Interruption of Study [online form]

  • Use this form to let the Music Graduate Office staff know that you plan to take some time off from registration.

Student Criminal Activity Disclosure form [PDF]

  • If you are returning to resume work on a program after an absence of one year (or more), then submission of this form is required

Undergraduate Request to Enroll in a Graduate Course [PDF]

  • Use this form if you are an undergraduate student registering for your final semester of coursework and would like to take a graduate level course. 
  • This form should be submitted to the Music Undergraduate Office in the East Studio Building room 120.

Master's Program Forms

Master's Minor [PDF]

Program Completion Application for MM, MME and MS degrees [online form]

Graduation Application for MA degrees [through OneStart]

Doctoral Program Forms

Minor Field [PDF]

Doctoral Advisory Committee [PDF]

Minor Field representative in Music History & Literature [PDF]

Minor Field representative in Music Theory [PDF]

DM final project topic proposal/Research committee [PDF]

DM Piano essay topic proposal/Research committee [PDF]

DM Composition dissertation proposal/Research committee [PDF]

Program Completion Application for DM and DME students [online form]

Graduation Application for PhD students [PDF]

Survey of Earned Doctorates [PDF]

Artist/Performer Diploma Forms

Artist Diploma Committee [PDF]

Program Completion Application for Artist and Performer Diploma students [online form]

Certificate Program Forms

Program Completion Application for Certificate programs