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More Information

Diploma Program Music Course Requirement

Students in the Artist Diploma and all Performer Diploma programs (Solo Performance, Orchestral Studies, and Chamber Music) must complete a minimum of 6 credit hours of music courses in addition to lessons, ensemble, and chamber music coaching during the diploma program. The minimum required grade in each course is C.

Students may choose courses in music on the undergraduate or graduate level provided they have the necessary prerequisites. The director of graduate studies, who will use the following guidelines, must approve courses selected:

  • In general, classes chosen for the music course requirement should be lecture or lecture/activity courses. Examples include conducting, music theory, music history, music education, [instrumental or song] literature, pedagogy, courses in early music, or similar courses.
  • Applied lessons, chamber music, or ensembles will not count, with one exception: up to 2 credits in an instrument (or voice) that is not the student's major (such as clarinet for a saxophone major). No more than 2 credits of lessons of any type will count towards the music course requirement (ballet and dance classes, and MUS-F 561 Seminar in Interpretation are in this category).
  • MUS-V 910 Vocal Coaching will not count for voice majors. 
  • Courses that are taken to fulfill a language requirement will not count.
  • A maximum of 2 credits of MUS-F 540 Postural Alignment for Musicians can count for the music course requirement.
  • Artist Diploma and Performer Diploma, Solo Performance students have the option of taking MUS-F 519/MUS-F 419 Orchestral Repertoire as part of the music course requirement.  However, Performer Diploma, Orchestral Studies students cannot use Orchestral Repertoire for the music course requirement.
  • Students must take courses suited to their level. For example, students who have completed a bachelor's degree, or equivalent work for a conservatory diploma, should register for music graduate courses. Graduate review courses in music history and literature or music theory will count for students who have not previously enrolled in the master's program at IU. Students who have completed a master's degree may not use review or proficiency courses toward the diploma. Prerequisites for courses must be met before enrollment is allowed.
  • Classes that begin with a subject-catalog number of MUS-Z will not count for this requirement (those courses are for non-music majors).
  • Transfer courses may not be used to satisfy any part of this requirement.
  • Courses taken before the date of first enrollment in the diploma program may not satisfy this requirement. 
  • Courses outside the Jacobs School of Music will not count. 
  • Performer Diploma, Chamber Music students must enroll in MUS-U 515 Arts Education and Outreach for 2 to 3 credits of the music course requirement.