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Graduate Assistantships and Associate Instructorships

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Information for current Associate Instructors and Graduate Assistants

Students who are appointed as Associate Instructors or Graduate Assistants enjoy a unique opportunity to gain professional experience while pursuing their graduate studies.  These appointments also offer substantial benefits, including a stipend, fee remission and, in some cases, health insurance.  In short, Associate Instructorships and Graduate Assistantships generally represent the highest level of funding available to students in the Jacobs School of Music.

The duties assigned to Associate Instructors vary from teaching individual lessons to leading drill sections.  Likewise, Graduate Assistants are assigned administrative duties in JSOM offices, logistical tasks in individual departments, or they work with individual faculty members in class preparation and grading.

Regardless of assigned duties, all Associate Instructors and Graduate Assistants must follow the policies and procedures associated with employment at Indiana University and their general conduct must be consistent with faculty and staff guidelines.  Listed above, you will find important resources discussing relevant procedures. Current AIs and GAs must familiarize themselves with these resources and should contact the Office of Music Admission and Financial Aid if they have any questions.