Audition Information

Music Scoring for Visual Media

Master of Music (M.M.)

Certificates in Music Scoring for Visual Media (undergraduate and graduate)

Applicants should upload: (1) two or more scores and/or audio/visual or audio/visual samples representing a variety of forms and media including at least two excerpts of music for film, game, web or other mixed media (QuickTime or .mp4 format). Submitted sampled should not exceed twelve minutes. If a long form film or other media is submitted or pointed to via links, then a "cue list" of relevant scenes with timings to locate them should be provided. Any scores should be in PDF format (not Finale or Sibelius); (2) complete chronological (PDF) list of compositions for film, game, web or other mixed media as well as any concert works.  This list should contain active links to any work posted and available online.  Preferred filename format for score an recordings: <title>_<genre>_<year>.

The application deadline for this program is February 1st, 2019 for fall 2019 admission.  After review of submitted scores and recordings by the composition faculty, a limited number of applicants will be invited to interview of the Bloomington campus during audition weekends.  Those invited to interview should be prepared for a brief ear-training examination (identifcation of intervals, triads, etc.) and should bring copies of any scores for use at the interview.

Suggested minimum personal computer and software resources

International Applicants

Applicants from Asia, Europe, South America, etc. who are invited to interview are welcome to travel to Bloomington, but we can also offer the possibility of conducting the interview over Skype.