(Instrumental/Plucked Instrument Emphasis)


    • Baroque Violin
    • Baroque Cello
    • Viola da Gamba
    • Recorder
    • Baroque Bassoon
    • Natural Horn
    • Harpsichord
    • Fortepiano
    • Lute

All degree and diploma programs require first the submission of an online-screening application (recording & repertory list) before prospective students can be fully considered for admission to the Jacobs School of Music or granted an in-person audition. Screening materials must be submitted online to the admissions office no later than December 1, 2018. Recordings will be assessed shortly after the deadline. Late submissions are unlikely to be reviewed, so we recommend that you submit your screening applications as far in advance as possible. Recordings must be live, and may not be enhanced or edited; the sound quality should be excellent, with no added equalization or reverberation.

Please note that all DM applicants must also submit a sample piece of writing on any musical topic, not to exceed 2500 words. The submitted work may be a free-standing essay, or an excerpt from previous graduate work, such as a thesis or other extended piece of writing.

Not everyone has had equal opportunity to study an early instrument or historical performance before entering graduate school. Therefore, we look chiefly for a demonstration of musical talent and potential for development. Upon acceptance for an audition in Bloomington, a list of the audition repertory must be sent to the HPI office. Please note that all applicants who wish to have an accompanist from the Jacobs School must send music to the HPI office at least two weeks in advance. No exceptions will be made. Harpsichords at both A=415 and A=440 will be available, as well as a continuo organ at the aforementioned pitch-standards as well as A=465; and, if necessary, a fortepiano at A=430 will be available.

Because the early music field is so wide, it is not possible to offer repertory lists for every instrument, but the following guidelines should be helpful.

In all auditions, four selections should be offered, each contrasting in style, coming from periods before 1800. All voice applicants should prepare four songs or arias, with one selection in English and at least one in another major European language (except Latin). Some editions of music (e.g. arias accompanied by orchestra in vocal score with piano reduction) may not be suitable for harpsichord accompaniment. Therefore, students should submit copies of their repertory well in advance of the chosen audition date, in case an alternative edition is required.

If you are unsure about repertoire, contact the HPI office well in advance of your deadline at (812) 855-4088 or at hpi@indiana.edu.