*Auditions are available on the Saturday of audition weekends only.

Master of Music (M.M.)
Doctor of Music (D.M.) in Music Literature and Performance

All graduate applicants should prepare:

  • A melodious etude (to demonstrate good sound, solid intonation, and musicianship) and a study (to demonstrate technical facility), selected from such collections as Arban's Conservatory Method; Marcel Bitsch, 20 études pour trompette; Bordogni/Rochut, Melodious Etudes for the Trombone (down an octave); Charlier, 36 études transcendantes pour trompette; and Clarke's Technical Studies for the Cornet;
  • All scales;
  • Several of the major band excerpts; and
  • A solo of your choice, such as Jan Bach, Concert Variations; James Curnow, Symphonic Variants; Joseph Horovitz, Concerto; Simone Mantia, All Those Endearing Young Charms; Ponchielli, Concerto; Walter Ross, Capriccio furioso; and Alec Wilder, Sonata.

Applicants will also be asked to demonstrate sight-reading ability.