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New Payment Policy

The String Academy faculty is no longer allowed to continue lessons if full payment is not received by the end of the second week of the semester.  To avoid any uncomfortable situations, there is a deadline on the registration form that indicates when payment is expected.  If there are questions regarding payment options, please contact Christina Hightower at or at 812-856-1523.

The website STRINGPEDAGOGY.COM is now open to all.  This website is a big help for students and parents of all levels. Go to:

December 2015

Dear Students and Parents:

Our Fall Semester is coming to an end and will culminate with our series of SOLO RECITALS on December 12 and 13.  Make sure you coordinate your recital time with your teacher who will help to line-up your pianist.

We are happy to report that the Fall Semester has yielded the highest ever SA enrollment of 160 students. And welcome to all the new students (not quite as new by now)!  We got the true sense of the numbers at the Halloween Concerts when all the violinists and cellists filled the stages. 

The faculty has also been around the world and this country.  Susan Moses was a judge at the Popper Competition in Hungary and her student Caroline Saltzman made the finals.  Maria Romero performed in Berlin, and Brenda Brenner has been to Oregon, Chicago, Arizona, and Washington, DC presenting papers and giving classes.  Rose Sciaroni presented a paper in Chicago. Mimi was teaching in San Juan, Argentina and she chose four wonderful students to be part of the Summer String Academy.  This Fall Semester saw the marriage of Tzeying Wu and Ethan Young, a happy couple, and Emily Nehus and family moved into a Habitat for Humanity home.

The Spring Semester promises another round of exciting events.  The Violin Virtuosi are off to Argentina in June 2016 for a tour arranged by Mozarteum-Argentino.  They will be playing seven concerts throughout the country.  In preparation, they have concerts scheduled at Ball State University, Bloomington, IL, Hillsdale College, MI and Northwestern University. Maria Sanderson is a semifinalist at the Sphinx Competition and will be in Detroit to compete in February.  Our SA students play a prominent role in the Side By Side Orchestra of the Indianapolis Symphony.  This year Sydney Hartwick, Maria Sanderson, Maeve Whelen, Maris Pilgrim, Emery Hightower, Hannah Cleveland, and Caroline Saltzman will be part of this venture.  We will keep you abreast of all the news as it unfolds.

The last week of February, Elizabeth Wallfisch (an amazing Baroque violinist) will be at the JSoM working with SA students and the JSoM students.  This will culminate in a concert with the SA Chamber Orchestra on February 27 in Recital Hall at 5 PM and a concert with the Baroque Ensemble on February 28 in Auer Hall at 2 PM  Not to be missed.

In the meantime, Spring Registration is due January 8, 2016.

All new students, please contact Christina Hightower at

Beginners may go online to register (  Students who have had previous training outside the String Academy are required to audition.  Please contact Christina Hightower ( to secure a time.

Please remember to take advantage of living in Bloomington with its annual 1,200 concerts.  Go to the Prelude online at

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Happy Holidays to everyone!

Mimi and the Faculty

Reminders: Please confirm your private lesson time with your teacher for the Spring Semester 2016. For questions regarding the registration process you may also contact Michele Stebbins at

CELLO OPENINGS are AVAILABLE.  Please contact Susan Moses at Susan Moses and Helen Ford are the "dream-team" cello faculty!

All About the String Academy

The String Academy is open to children ages 5 -18 who wish to study the violin and cello through a curriculum that includes private and group lessons, theory and master classes, chamber music, and performance opportunities. Instruction is based upon the methods and philosophies of Mimi Zweig, Suzuki, and Paul Rolland. Beginning students participate weekly in both a private and group lesson. Parents are urged to support and encourage the students at private and group lessons and in daily practice.

The special training, experience and expertise of the outstanding faculty in the musical education of young people results in students playing with technical ease and musical sensitivity. The first years of music instruction are the most important, for they set the stage for everything that follows. Whether a child develops into a professional musician or an amateur, the skills of concentration and the joy and love for music will remain forever.

Please download the String Academy Handbook [PDF] for guidelines and detailed information about the String Academy. Adobe Acrobat is free and can be downloaded here.

For information about the Indiana University Violin Virtuosi Documentary, go to Circling Around: The Violin Virtuosi.

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