Young Pianists Program

Young Pianists Program

Frequently Asked Questions

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Registration and Contact

How do I register? 
Online registration may be found by clicking on "How to Apply" in the left menu.

Whom should I contact with questions?
You will find contact information by clicking on "Contact Us" in the left menu.

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Lesson Procedure

What is the procedure for getting my child to/from lessons? 
Lessons take place at the Jacobs School of Music.  Parents should make every effort to attend the lessons of young children and beginners.*  Parental attendance at lessons is important for more than safety/security reasons.  A supportive parent who is actively involved in a their child’s music studies-- whether they play piano themselves or not--makes a huge difference in the child’s ability to practice effectively and improve steadily. Young students whose parents attend lessons, take notes, and supervise home practice, generally progress about 30% faster than kids who must “go it alone”.

*If, exceptionally, a parent cannot stay for the entire lesson, they must at least walk their child to/from the teaching room.  Small children should never be allowed to wander the halls of the Jacobs School unaccompanied:  they must be handed off directly to—and picked up promptly from—their teacher.

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Where should I park?
Parking at Indiana University is by permit only. If you are parked illegally you will be ticketed and towed. Indiana University Parking Operations and the City of Bloomington will be monitoring the all permit lots on a continuous basis. It is a safety hazard and illegal under University Policy to park a car without a valid permit in a 'permit only' lot, or to leave a car in a spot which is not an established parking space. Any vehicle--with or without a permit-- may park in any ST space or in the Jordan Parking Garage for free from Friday at 5:00pm until Sunday at 11:00pm unless posted otherwise. On weekdays when parking is not free, please use one of the paid parking garages, or purchase a parking permit. We appreciate your compliance with this rule. Click HERE for an interactive parking lot locator. You may park for free on campus on weekends (Fri. 5pm to Sun. evening), even if you do not have an IU parking permit.  You may also park on the small streets south of the Jacobs School (Highland, Ballantine, Hunter, Second St.) any day after 5:00pm.  Prior to 5pm, however, these streets are zoned “residential”: cars not displaying the proper permit will be ticketed by the City of Bloomington.

Which permit should I buy?
Parents who are themselves IU students may buy an F Permit that allows them to park on weekdays after 5:00pm in any non-24 hour EM-P or EM-S space for a very reasonable cost. For information on the cost of a Summer F permit, please call (812)855-9848 or (317)274-PARK.

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What should I do with the safety and media release forms?
Each parent/guardian must download and complete both forms and hand them to the teacher on the first day of class. They are found in "How to Apply" in the left menu.

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Attendance Policy

What is your policy regarding lesson and recital attendance?
Regular attendance at lessons is a crucial factor in each student’s progress.  Students are charged for the full semester of lessons or classes for which they register; tuition for lessons missed due to student absence will not be refunded. It is in the student’s interest to attend all lessons, and to arrive promptly at their scheduled lesson or class time. Instruction time lost due to student tardiness is forfeited, and will not be made up unless there are extenuating circumstances (e.g. a family emergency).  As a courtesy, parents should notify the student’s teacher directly of any impending absence as far in advance as possible —but in any case no less than 24 hrs. in advance of the lesson. Lessons missed by the teacher will be re-scheduled at a mutually convenient time, or will be taught by a substitute.  Students who must miss due to an unavoidable conflict with an official school, church or Jacobs School event are encouraged to trade lesson times with a studiomate.  Under certain circumstances, most instructors will offer to make up a very limited number of lessons missed by the student, but they are not obligated to do so.

Sharing one’s love of music with others in public and casual performances is an integral part of piano study.  Students are expected to play each Fall and Spring in one of the Young Pianists end-of-semester recitals, as well as in studio classes individual teachers may organize.  Any request for an exemption from Fall or Spring recital attendance must be approved well in advance by the student’s teacher and the Director.  Parents should take careful note of recital dates, which are posted early in the semester on the Young Pianists home page, before making travel plans or family/social commitments.  Students work very hard preparing their recital pieces; most look forward eagerly to performing in recital, and are deeply disappointed if circumstances intervene to make that impossible. 

***Please note:  students are required to attend the entire recital in which they perform. 

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Refund Policy

Please consult the Refunds Policy under “How to Apply”.

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