Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register?
Online registration may be found by clicking on "How to Apply" in the left menu.

Whom should I contact with questions?
You will find contact information by clicking on "Contact Us" in the left menu.

What about picking up my child?
It is strongly recommended that a parent/guardian attend the lessons of young children and beginners.  Parents who are actively involved in the learning process, observing the lessons and taking notes, are in a far better position to offer their child help and encouragement in daily practice.  This is true whether they play the piano themselves or not.

Young students must be handed directly to, and collected directly from, their instructor if a parent/guardian cannot stay for the entire lesson.  Small children should never be allowed to wander the halls of the Jacobs School unaccompanied.

What should I do with the safety and media release forms?
Each parent/guardian must download and complete both forms and hand them to the teacher on the first day of class. They are found in "How to Apply" in the left menu.

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Where to go/parking

Where should I park?
Parking at Indiana University is by permit only. If you are parked illegally you will be ticketed and towed. Indiana University Parking Operations and the City of Bloomington will be monitoring the all permit lots on a continuous basis. It is a safety hazard and illegal under University Policy to park a car without a valid permit in a 'permit only' lot, or to leave a car in a spot which is not an established parking space. Any vehicle--with or without a permit-- may park in any D or E space or in the Jordan Parking Garage for free from Friday at 5:00pm until Sunday at 11:00pm unless posted otherwise. On weekdays when parking is not free, please use one of the paid parking garages, or purchase a parking permit. We appreciate your compliance with this rule.
Click HERE for an interactive parking lot locator.

Which permit should I buy?
Parents who are themselves IU students may buy an F Permit that allows them to park on weekdays after 5:00pm in any non-24 hour A or C space for $61.95 for the school year (excluding summer).

Click HERE for a full listing of available visitor parking permits.
Click HERE for a list of FREE PARKING areas.

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Attendance and Arrival Time

Good attendance and being timely for class is an important factor in each student's progress. Students must be present and on time for all classes, lessons, and or rehearsals. Students should try to arrive at least 10 minutes before their scheduled time to allow for proper preparation.

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Refund Policy

Requests for withdrawal must be submitted prior to the third class and are subject to the approval of the director.  A cancellation fee of $50 will be assessed plus a prorated cost of lessons given will be assessed and withheld from the refund.

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