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Musical Beginnings

Bridget Rinehimer and Maggie Olivo

Musical Beginnings Instructors
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Musical Beginnings

Musical Beginnings Summer Camp

Camp 1: June 2nd-6th, 2014, 9:00-11:30 am
Camp 2: June 9th-13th, 2014 9:00-11:30 am
IU Children's Campus Center 2613 E 10th

Limit of 12 students

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Spring 2014 - February 13 to May 3

Enrollment maximum of 12 children per class

Musical Beginnings is an early childhood music and movement program that invites toddlers and pre-school children ages 1-4 to experience the world around them through singing, movement, listening, playing, and creating music. The classes offer developmentally appropriate activities that nurture a child's innate joy and musical ability. Studies have shown that early childhood, a time of rapid growth and brain development, is the optimal time to start this musical journey. In addition to being a time for joyful music-making, these classes lay a solid foundation for future musical experiences such as choir, piano, and other instrument lessons.