Fearless Auditioning for College Applicants

Fearless Auditioning for College Applicants

Jeff Nelsen

Director, Fearless Auditioning for College Applicants
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Tedx Bloomington 2011 with Jeff Nelsen

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Fearless Auditioning for College Applicants

Friday-Sunday January 4 - 6, 2013

*Seminar sponsored by the IU College Audition Preparation program.

Want to perform your best in your upcoming college auditions?  Sign up now, and you will understand and experience how to do just that!

Fearless Auditioning Certificate

The perfect stocking stuffer gift, you can download and print this gift certificate and give the gift of "Blowing 'em away!" at their upcoming audition!

If you've ever performed something well, and then gone to share your performance with someone else and had it not go as well, you have experienced what Professor Nelsen calls, "The Quality Gap." Nelsen has obsessed about why the gap exists, and how to close the gap...how to turn what you can do into what you actually do IN PERFORMANCE.

You've done all your work.  You deserve to bring that work out in your upcoming audition moment.  Imagine walking into that room feeling full of calm authentic excitement about what you are about to share.  Imagine being able to leave those technical worries behind you, embrace what you have, and focus on spinning wonderful musical stories that can connect to your audition panel.

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One of Jeff's "Six Pillars of Fearless Performance" - Storytelling

Your Storytelling ability is what you use to put everything together in performance.  

Most music students are focused on technique, studying music, and working hard.  This is a good thing because these are three more of Jeff's Six FLP Pillars. They are very important.  

But working hard at getting the notes right in the correct style has its limits.  

The world is full of horn players and vocalists…we don't need any more!  BUT the world will always have room and jobs for artists. Use your Storytelling abilities to put your Technique and Musical knowledge together in a passionate unique compelling way, and you will connect to your audiences.

"Anything you do
Let it come from you
Then it will be new
Give us more to see"

- Stephen Sondheim, from Sunday in the Park with George

Let it come from you, and your audiences will want to hear more from you, whether it be in auditions, interviews, or as a student at their school this coming Fall 2013!

Jeff has heard hundreds of audition performances, and will clearly tell you the dos and don'ts of performance preparation and execution.  You will also learn how to set yourself up for consistent success beyond your upcoming auditions this spring.  

Jeff and his team will take you through all six pillars, and how to be consistently strong in all six areas:

The Fearless Performance Six Pillars 

Work - Getting a ton done.

Technique - Having strong understanding and ability of "how" to do your thing.

Intelligence - Having strong knowledge about "what" your something is.

Growth - Ability to learn, and make good habits.

Managing - Structure for time, energy, career, choices, and more...

Storytelling - Putting it all together and spinning a magical story to your audience.

You will also learn Jeff's Magic Line Method.  Through this you will experience putting it all together in a way that is clear and filled with good choices every step of the way.  You'll learn about how you choose fear, and how to replace your fears with better choices of focus.  You'll build trust in yourself and your performing abilities, and you'll know how to walk into a room focused on execution of greatness rather than just hoping to do your best.

You can look forward to your next audition…and perform your best at it!  Come find out how.

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