Fearless Auditioning for College Applicants

Fearless Auditioning for College Applicants

Frequently Ask Questions

Is the Jan 4-6, 2013 session full?

- There will be room for people to sign up until it is posted on the website that we are full.

Are there any faculty for violins (or other instruments/voice)?

- We are working on how to best walk into your auditions, and how to perform your best.  Doing this is an ability complimentary to technical and musical abilities on your instrument.  You study a ton with your instrument's expert.  This seminar will have you performing for musicians who play instruments other than your own…performing for people who are much less "understanding or forgiving" for your instrument.  Many audition panels also have members who do not play your instrument.  String players will perform for wind players and singers, and vice versa.  Immense learning is available through this approach!!

- You will get musical commentary as well….but for these three intense days, we are working on your auditioning abilities.  Look at the schedule to see how we approach your learning in “audition preparation and performance”.

I am a junior in high school.  Can I attend the seminar?

- Yes!  This is a great time for you to learn how to evolve your auditioning preparation and performance abilities.

I’m auditioning for grad school.  Will I benefit from this seminar?

- Yes!  This is a great seminar to evolve or refine your audition preparation and performance approaches and abilities.

Will there be adult supervision there for minors?

-       Students under the age of 18 are expected to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents may attend the seminar classes with the student or leave and come back during breaks and meals. Underage students may not be left unattended on campus.

Is there a class for Parents to take?

-       Yes! There is a Parent support class for parents to learn how to support their student.

Is on campus housing available?

 -      No  All campus housing is closed during this time.

How do I get to Bloomington?

Bloomington is located approximately 50 miles south of Indianapolis. Click on "Visiting" in the left menu for travel information.

What about housing?

Fearless attendees will stay off-campus with a parent or guardian. Click on "Visiting" in the left menu for a list of accommodations in Bloomington.

What about parking?

Parking on the Indiana University campus is by permit only except at the Atwater and Jordan parking garages, which are near the Jacobs School of Music and charge hourly rates.