College Audition Preparation

Areas of Concentration

Limit of 8 students per faculty member

Voice (3 sections) 

**Spots can only be given to students paid in full.

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College Audition Preparation Workshop

July 23-29, 2017

Registration for the 2017 College Audition Prepapration Program is Closed

Marietta Simpson, Co-Director
Thomas Walsh, Co-Director

Elizabeth L. Pfaffle, Coordinator

Check-in is from 2-4pm on Sunday July 23 at Spruce Hall Residence Center on the Indiana University campus.  The address is: 1801 East Jones Avenue Bloomington, IN 47406.  The direct number for the dorm is (812) 855-3502. 

Check-out is from 10am-12pm on Saturday July 29 at Spruce Hall Residence Center on the Indiana University campus, same address.  

CAP offers intense study with your future college audition panel members...or at least people just like them.  You will learn what they think and what they want to hear.  We teach you how to walk into a room and make them trip over themselves to invite you to your dream school!  Recommended for vocalists, brass players, and woodwind players entering grades 11 and 12 who are planning to apply for entrance to college music programs.

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