Know Your Voice

Professor Brian Gill

Director, Know Your Voice
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Know Your Voice

June 6 - June 10, 2017

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Please join us for a voice pedaogogy summer intensive: Know Your Voice. The voice department at the Jacobs School of Music in conjunction with the department of Speech and Hearing Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences is holding a weeklong voice course (June 6 - 10, 2017) covering the most salient aspects of voice/speech production. The concepts will be illuminated in both a lecture and workshop format where particpants will have the opporutnity to experience different systems involved in voice production in a "hands on" setting. This course will include instruction from Professor Brian Gill (voice performance and pedagogy), Professor Rita Patel (speech and hearing sciences), Professor Filipa La (voice science/pedagogy, Portugal), Dr. Stacey Halum (otolaryngology), Dr. Noah Parker (otolaryngology), Professor Preeti Sivasankar (speech and hearing sciences), and world reknown voice scientist, Professor Johan Sundberg (KTH, Sweden).