A Dozen Musical Masterworks

A Dozen Musical Masterworks

June 19 - July 7, 2017 (Monday-Thursday)

*Class schedule altered the week of July 3rd.

Meets 6:30-8:30pm

Profs. Kyle Adams, Roman Ivanovitch, and Blair Johnston, directors

Over the course of twelve sessions, we will cover the broad sweep of Western music history through a detailed examination of its masterworks. Each session will be dedicated to exploring the world of one piece, from the culture that created it to the sounds and structures that make it unique.

Music can be one of the most rewarding and important features of our daily lives, but too often discussion about it can seem esoteric or filled with forbidding jargon. Our goal is to bring workshop participants into the conversation about how music is put together and what it means, bridging the gap in an accessible way between enthusiasm and technical description. At the end of the workshop, participants will come away with a nuanced understanding of the differences among composers and periods, and with the concepts and vocabulary necessary to both discuss the listening experience and to think critically about music.

Each session will explore aspects of the work such as:

  • The artistic and musical culture surrounding the work
  • The composer’s life and the work’s place in his/her output
  • Terminology associated with the work and its time
  • Strategies to enhance the listening experience>

This course is intended for music lovers at any stage. No experience reading or performing music is necessary.