Mindfulness in Teaching and Learning

Mindfulness in Teaching and Learning

Frank Diaz

Director, Mindfulness in Teaching and Learning

Summer 2018

July 9 - July 13

Mindfulness-based wellness, with its emphasis on cultivating a healthy, non-judgmental and present moment orientation towards experience, has been scientifically linked to improved life-satisfaction, improved cognitive performance, creativity, and can serve as an antidote to our often stressful and over stimulated lives. In this workshop, we will explore how mindfulness can benefit music teachers in both personal and professional settings, and examine ways in which mindfulness-based practices might be incorporated into music teaching and learning. Participants will learn about, discuss, experience, and apply principles of mindfulness for use in both personal and pedagogical settings, as well as develop a personally tailored set of pedagogical practices for use in their classrooms.

This session is available as both a workshop or as a 1-credit graduate course. Please contact the instructor, Frank Diaz (fmdiaz@indiana.edu) for more information on how to register.