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Oy Hasemos Fiesta

Ensemble Lipzodes

Oy Hasemos Fiesta

Ensemble Lipzodes is a unique group of performers that came together in 2004 in Bloomington, Ind., while its members were students completing degrees in the IU Jacobs School of Music and its Early Music Institute. The ensemble combines voice, shawms, dulcians, recorders, and percussion to bring to life the rarely performed music of sixteenth-century Guatemala. In addition to this singular repertoire, the ensemble also explores new directions in early music utilizing voices and winds.

The group's name comes from a creative misinterpretation of the writing on the flyleaf of MS 1, Santa Eulalia, from the Guatemalan Music Manuscripts. What at first glance seems to say "Lipzodes," actually is the first part of a passage which continues further: "LibRodeSancta olaya Puyumatlan. ..." In an orthographic transformation typical of the region, the letters "b" and "p" became exchanged, and the "R" lost its vertical bar, to become what appeared to be a "Z."

This project is based on a sixteenth-century Guatemalan manuscript residing at IU’s Lilly Library. The music preserved in it offers a glimpse of what must have been common in small villages far-removed from the power centers of the Spanish colonists.