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Sweet Honey in the Rocks
Unicamente la Verdad

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For many years now Mexicans everywhere have known about Camelia “La Tejana,” who was the subject of many “corridos” popularized by the famous band Los Tigres del Norte. Unlike women in other corridos, who were always meek and suffering, Camelia had dared to kill one Emilio Varela, the lover who betrayed her after they had smuggled some weed over the border together. Many years later, another man commits suicide by lying on the train tracks of the Mexican town of Ciudad Juárez. As soon as this takes place, the tabloid “El Alarma,” claiming to report “only the truth,” reveals that Camelia is not a myth, and that she may have something to do with the man’s death. While the media, the masses, and many men revel in their ties to Camelia, her myth and her reality, a journalist is intent in finding the truth behind it all.

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