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Auditions for LAPME are held in the beginning of the fall semester. Please e-mail us at for the most current information or click here.

FALL 2012 AUDITIONS WILL BE HELD IN MAB012 ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 21st STARTING AT 12:30pm - e-mail the lamc or Espen Jensen for to sign-up 

If you are interested in becoming a member, you can receive credit for your academic program as:

 1) Part of an Individualized Cognate or Minor in Latin American Music or an  elective in your curriculum: Register for X-414

 2) Chamber Music Requirement: The student can request the Chamber Music  Coordinator to be assigned as a coach the Director of the LAPME: Register for X-450

 3) Piano Accompanying: Pianists can request the piano assignments  coordinator to accompany the Latin American Music Ensemble: Register  for X-002

 4) Major Ensemble: need to be accepted thorugh our audition and requires authorization from Tom Wieligman: Register for X-040 or X-070

a) Restrictions may apply due to occasional shortages of some instruments. 

b) Guitar Majors can use LAPME as their default required ensemble without further request for authorization, provided they pass audition with the ensemble's director.

c) Instrumentalists not assigned to orchestras, bands or jazz ensembles who would prefer to perform in an instrumental group rather than be placed in chorus may be in LAPME after auditioning for its director.

Before Auditioning, it is very important to:

1) Check rehearsals, dress-rehearsals and concerts dates and times for the current academic year.

2) Inform your teacher about your interest and contact the LAMC 

3) Get audition information

4) Do not sign up for classes during scheduled rehearsal time