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Seminar in Latin American Music: Music of the Colonial Period

MUS M 690: Seminar in Latin American Music: Music of the Colonial Period

Dr. Paul W. Borg

Tuesday-Thursday, 6:40-7:50 p.m.

The countries of Latin America share a musical heritage rooted in their common Colonial experience. From initial contact around 1500 until independence in theearly 19th century, music and the other arts exhibit a complicated relationship between Spanish and Portuguese traditions as practiced by European settlers and their descendants and indigenous traditions that were both repressed yet partially preserved.

This seminar is a survey of the music that survives from Colonial Latin America, tracing its stylistic changes in light of contemporary European practice and local uses. Topics include surviving source materials, music’s function in the various strata of society, musical genres and their defining characteristics, musical instruments, and composers, performers, and audiences.

Coursework consists of assigned reading and listening, class discussion, an individual research project culminating in a paper and class presentation, and possible performance opportunity.