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The collection of recordings can be divided into two important types of items: recordings of pieces by Latin American composers and recordings of different types of repertoires by Latin American performers.  The Latin American composers found in this collection comprise a wide range of nationalities, time periods and musical styles characteristic of Latina American music, ranging from the Colonial times to the 20th century, from composers of international recognition (Villa-Lobos, Ginastera, Revueltas, etc.) to lesser known composers. About 70% of these recordings showcase at least one Latin American composer. About two thirds of these are new to the Cook Music Library collection, and of these two thirds, about 60% are not found in any other library affiliated with the OCLC association. This makes the content of the collection unique and of great value to researchers and performers. The collection of recordings is not limited to “art music,” but also includes a small collection of “popular music” of different countries, including indigenous manifestations of Brazil and Venezuela. In regards to recordings by Latin American performers, they also range in nationality and career. The recordings range from Colombian harpsichordist Rafael Puyana and the Argentinean Camerata Bariloche, dedicated to Baroque music, to orchestras and pianists specializing in romantic or contemporary music.