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The periodical clippings span from 1927 to the 1990s. Of the 2,213 items held in the scrapbooks 1,838 are clippings, as well as 336 items from the total of 418 contained in a folder identified as “Recortes.” They are a window into the career of Guillermo Espinosa, defining chronological periods that are connected to important events of his professional life. Extracted from newspaper, magazines, and journals, they contain announcements and reviews of concerts conducted by Espinosa, as well as announcements and comments about his national and international tours. They also show Espinosa’s influence on the careers of composers and performers of the Americas, the close ties he developed with individuals with whom he worked, and his interest in mentoring young musical talent. One important aspect is Espinosa’s influence in the development of some important institutions, for instance, the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, the CIDEM, the Inter-American Music Festivals of Washington D.C., and others.

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