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The books in the collection range from general books about music and art, to specialized books on Latin American music.  The books are by Latin American and international authors. The broad scope of the materials allows scholars to analyze the Latin American field both from internal and external perspectives, and to analyze how these perspectives changed over time, since the items range from being edited in the late 19th century to the late 20th century. Of greatest importance are the books about Latin American composers lesser known in America or Europe, such as Zipoli, Rozo Contreras, Cluzeau-Mortet, Lugo and Espinel. The collecton also includes some national histories of music from Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia, Panama and Peru.

Some of these books are still in the IUCAT cataloguing process, while others are already cataloged.

Images from the collection can be viewed in a separate page. They are listed in alphabetical order. Image galleries A-Z.