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competition results 2010
13th Annual Competition in the Performance of Music from Spain and Latin America

Among the staff of the LAMC are individuals with backgrounds and abilities that complement each other, from research and performance to music business and production. Most staff members speak or are conversant in english, spanish and portuguese.

Erick Carballo, Director a.i.

Juan Carlos Arango, Administrative and Research Assistant

Espen Jensen, Artistic Coordinator - LAPME 

Guido Sanchez, Music Coordinator - LAPME

Yuriria Rodriguez, Graduate Assistant

Marysol Quevedo, LAMC Staff

Luiz Fernando Lopes, LAMC Staff

Daniel Stein, LAMC Staff

Bruno Cabrera, LAMC Staff

Francisco Cortés-Álvarez, LAMC Staff

e-mail: lamc [at]

phone: (812) 855-2991