Eva Heinitz Scholarship Fund

HeinitzEva Heinitz is nationally known as the "Grande Dame of the Cello." She attended the State Academy of Music in Berlin, Germany, and studied in Paris, France, as well. She toured extensively as a soloist and was among the first women principal players of a major symphony - the Pittsburgh under Fritz Reiner. She taught several decades at the University of Washington and continued to perform with such notables as Sir Georg Solti and the Chicago Symphony. In 1994, Ms. Heinitz donated her 1700 Gofriller cello to Indiana University School of Music under the care of her noted colleague, Distinguished Professor Janos Starker. Because of her great respect for Professor Starker and his teaching, Ms. Heinitz expressed her desire that a scholarship fund be established from the proceeds of the sale of the cello. "I am not that interested in money," she explained. "In fact, I hate it. But I am interested in what money can do, and I want to help young cellists. I've had a full, rich life and achieved almost everything I wanted. Now it's time for this wonderful instrument to go on."

The Eva Heinitz Scholarship is awarded annually to cello students at IU School of Music in honor of this renowned cellist, artist, and teacher.