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IU Jacobs School of Music Welcomes 2012-13 Jacobs Scholars and Fellows

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Scholarships and Fellowships

Some performers were born to make music. It's evident in their talent, dedication, and ability to connect with an audience. Even at a young age, they can transmit musical messages that move the soul.

Yet there is very little to encourage them to pursue this passion. They hear from well-meaning friends, family members, and counselors that there is no future in a music career. Regardless of their monumental capabilities and unwavering drive, they are told repeatedly that they should choose a more practical path.

When an aspiring musician, artist, or pedagogue receives a scholarship to the Jacobs School of Music, their every hope and dream is confirmed. There could be no more powerful vote of confidence, no more uplifting statement than receiving such an honor from the nation's top school.

Your gift endowing a scholarship for an undergraduate or a fellowship for a graduate student puts to rest every doubt that threatened to hold back that most promising artist. Your endowment, which continues in perpetuity, goes on year after year to transform lives. Not only are your recipients able to explore and master their craft within the world-class academic environment of Indiana University, but your gift also reaches these musicians' countless audiences who are immeasurably nourished by your dedication to keeping music alive.

View a listing of current scholarships and fellowships here.

Contact the Jacobs School development office to learn more about endowing a scholarship or fellowship.