Student Evaluations

At the end of each semester, students will be asked to complete course evaluations.  They are important in a number of ways - for promotion and tenure consideration, for annual reviews and salary determination, to help the instructor improve course content and structure, and to aid the instructor in their teaching skills.

All students enrolled in performance, one-on-one instruction or masterclasses will be asked to complete their evaluations online.  Other courses will be evaluated using paper forms, at a time of your choosing, usually during the last week of classes.  You will receive a memo with more information toward the end of the semester.

About a week after grades close, you may view evaluations online.

Shortly after, summaries of the paper evaluation ratings will be returned to the faculty after being tabulated.  If you wish to read comments written by individual students, please stop by East Studio Building 408, the Office of the Associate Dean for Instruction, where student evaluations are kept on file.