Technology and Computer Support

Computer Policies and Equipment

Support for computing is provided by Music Information Technology Services (MITS). A summary of key computing policies in the Jacobs School of Music follows.

Eligibility for Computing Resources

The following are eligible for computing support: faculty on full-time continuing appointments, and staff whose duties require computers. In addition, certain groups of associate instructors with substantial supervisory responsibilities may be eligible for computer equipment with departmental support. Visiting and part-time faculty may be provided with a computer if inventory allows. New staff, faculty, and faculty currently without a computer should contact Music IT Services at musicits@indiana.edu to request a computer.


Baseline hardware configurations are reviewed annually and, in order to participate in volume discounts, generally follow configurations adopted by the campus. Computers in the Jacobs School of Music are replaced on a three to four year cycle. Faculty may elect either a Windows or Macintosh computer. Staff computers are generally Windows computers. The current standard configuration includes a flat-panel monitor and network connection to the School servers, campus network, and the Internet. Requests for computers with capabilities beyond the baseline, for laptop computers, and for peripheral hardware (such as midi keyboards) are dealt with on a per-case basis and must include a detailed justification. In a few locations where secure space is available, a shared laser printer is provided (mainly in selected administrative offices and in the office suites in the Simon building). Those with access to a laser printer are strongly encouraged (but not required) to forego having a desktop printer in their office. Replacement printing supplies (paper and inkjet cartridges) are available in the mailroom (MU006a) and must be charged to department accounts. If you do not know your department account number, please see the mailroom staff.


To maximize compatibility, all Jacobs School of Music computers are provided with a standard set of software. In the event a computer system becomes corrupted, MITS staff will restore the computer to its original state.  Included on each computer are current web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari), and the latest release of Microsoft Office Professional, which includes Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheet), Access (database) and Outlook (workstation-based e-mail). Music notation software (Finale and Sibelius) is available through a key-server system that restricts the number of simultaneous users of the program. Contact musicits@indiana.edu for installation. Requests for other software are evaluated on a per-case basis.

Technical Support

MITS staff provides hardware and basic software support. The staff installs hardware, responds to requests for hardware diagnosis and repair, and responds to limited software problems. Reports of computing problems should be reported by electronic mail to musicits@indiana.edu.  If you lack e-mail access, call 855-7832. E-mail requests are preferred because they ensure the most efficient response. Priority is given to requests that affect a large number of people (e.g., a widespread networking problem). Individual requests are dealt with as quickly as possible.

For software-related problems, users are encouraged to use the following resources: (1) online documentation, (2) the Services and Support unit of University Information Technology Services (UITS), and (3) the UITS Support Center (855-6789).  MITS staff cannot provide in-depth software-related help.

A variety of IT Training opportunites are available via UITS. Short classes are available for many computer applications through the UITS STEPS classes as well as numerous online training opportunities. Please see http://ittraining.iu.edu/ for more information.

Using a School-Owned Computer at Home

Jacobs School of Music computers are intended to be used in on-campus offices and studios only. In rare cases where faculty members wish to use a school-owned computer at home, approval must be obtained from the Director of MITS. When such approval is made, faculty members must complete an off-campus inventory form available from the Director of Music Information Technology Services or the Business Affairs Office. Computing support staff will provide service only for school-owned computers located on-campus. If faculty members have technical problems while using a school-provided computer at home, the faculty member must bring it to school for repair. Personal computers owned by faculty/staff members cannot be serviced nor supported.

For portable use, the Jacobs School of Music owns a small number of laptop computers and lightweight, high-resolution projectors. These are intended both for occasional classroom presentations and for those times when a faculty member must make an off-campus presentation at a remote location. Contact musicits@indiana.edu or the Music Library Circulation Desk for more information or to reserve any of this equipment.

Classroom Technology

Working with UITS's Classroom Technology Services, Music Information Technology Services provides support for the technology installed in JSoM classrooms and assists faculty wishing to integrate technology into their courses.

Most classrooms have a traditional audio rack. The following twenty-six classrooms/lecture halls/seminar rooms are enhanced with computer technology:

Simon Music Library and Recital Center
  • M005 (Auer Hall Green Room), seats 30.
  • M015 (Sweeney Lecture Hall), seats 193.
  • M242, seats 55.
  • M340, seats 48.
  • M344, seats 48.
  • M350, seats 48.
  • M356, seats 48.
  • M149c, seats 20.
  • M271, Seminar style, seats 12
  • M267, Seminar style, seats 25  
  • M263, Seminar style, seats 12
  • M373, Computer classroom (32 Macintosh computers and instructor's station: maintained by UITS, can be reserved by faculty teaching computing-related courses. Each station has a MIDI keyboard. The teaching station is connected to a ceiling-mounted projector.
Merrill Hall
  • MU204 (seats 30)
  • MU205 (seats 35)
Music Annex
  • MAB012
  • MA004
  • MA006
  • MA007
  • MA404
  • MA405
  • MA452
  • MA454
Musical Arts Center
  • MC036
  • MC040
  • MC066
  • MC070

UITS maintains a distributed Student Technology Center (STC) on the 1st and 3rd floors of the Music Library. Many of these computers are equipped with midi keyboards; students can access the Variations Digital Music Library and several music software applications, including Finale, Sibelius, Digital Performer, among others.

Music and Information Technology Services

Preferred MITS e-mail: musicits@indiana.edu

Help Desk: 855-7832

Music Information Technology Services website

Philip Ponella
Director of Music Information Technology Services
Simon M275c

Andrew Aders
Systems Analyst/Database Programmer
Simon M367

Sebastian Bisciglia
Music Instructional Technology Developer
Simon M275B

William Guerin
Website Manager/Systems Analyst/Database Programmer
Simon M365

Neha Martin
Manager of User Support & IT Services 
Simon M3383

Julia Naab
Computer Support Specialist
Simon M369

Jayashree (Jay) Narayanan
Systems Data Programmer Analyst
Simon M365

Cyrus Resur
Multimedia Production Specialist
Simon M060

Anthony (Tony) Tadey
Lead Multimedia Production Specialist
Simon M087