Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty members are expected to fulfill all their teaching responsibilities and to give grades promptly. They are also expected to attend all departmental faculty meetings, auditions, assigned juries, upper division examinations, recital hearings, performer’s certificate hearings, special hearings and exams as determined by the department chair, and graduate exams.

In addition, each year the dean convenes at least one general meeting of the entire faculty (usually held on the evening before the first day of classes). All faculty members are expected to attend this meeting, and it is strongly recommended that their return to campus be scheduled for orientation week, the week prior to the beginning of classes. Faculty members also engage in appropriate research and creative activity, and contribute to the school through service on various groups.

Course Information
  • Course Load
  • Course Procedures
    • Syllabus
    • Textbooks
    • Course reserves
    • Library purchase requests
    • Library reference service
    • Course packet and duplication
    • Tests and Exams
    • Class Rosters and Grade Books
    • Student Absences
    • Accommodating Religious Holidays
Department Chair Duties
Faculty Governance
  • Central Administration of the School
  • School of Music Council
  • Bloomington and University Faculty Councils
Faculty Annual Report (now Digital Measures Activity Insight)
Grading Procedures
  • Academic and performance standards
  • Grade rosters and deadlines
  • Enrollment Verification Rosters
  • Midterm Grade Rosters
  • Final Grade Rosters
  • Recital Grades
  • Special Grades
  • Incomplete Grades
  • R Grades
  • Withdrawal Grades
  • Pass/Fail Grades
  • FNN and FN Grades
  • Extended-X Policy
  • Change of Grade
  • Grade Appeals
  • Guidelines for Student Grades
Academic Misconduct
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Reporting plagiarism, cheating, or other violations
  • Procedures for hearings of Academic Fairness Committee (PDF)
Graduate Exams
  • Performance Proficiency Exam
  • Doctoral Qualifying Exams
  • Final Projects (Theses, Documents, Dissertations)
Performance and Composition Study
  • Assignment of Students
  • Chamber Music
Recruitment of Students
Teaching Evaluations
Technology/Computer Support
Other Support Services
  • Mail/Duplicating/Supplies
  • Studios and Offices
  • Building Maintenance
  • Keys
  • Piano tuning
  • Instrument rental
  • Audio & Video recording
Academic Handbook