Graduate Exams

Special guidelines for graduate procedures are available from the Music Graduate Office, JS120.

Music Performance Proficiency Requirement
Doctoral Qualifying Examinations
Final Projects (Theses, Documents, Dissertations)

The doctorate culminates in a major project (a dissertation, document, essay, or other final project); some master's degrees also require a final research project (thesis). This project is guided by a research committee (see policies available in the music graduate office for details). The role of the committee, and especially of the research director, is to guide the student's efforts from the formulation of the topic through design and execution of the project as well as to provide general editorial advice. The culmination of the final project will take the form of a public defense, a lecture, or a lecture recital with a substantial prepared text, presented before the committee and generally open to all students and faculty of the university. A complete description of the final project is available through this Graduate Office page.