Department Chair Duties

Each department has a chair appointed by the dean, following an election by, or after consultation with, the faculty of the department. The chair is usually a tenured full professor.

The major duties of the chair (or his or her designate) are as follows:

  • Development and maintenance of the curriculum and course offerings
  • Coordination of teaching loads for all faculty and associate instructors in the department, by planning the schedule of classes for each semester and assigning students to specific teachers, as necessary
  • Recommendation of the appointment of new faculty and AIs
  • Coordination of orientation and training for new faculty and AIs
  • Evaluation of all departmental faculty every year (based on faculty summary reports, teaching evaluations, and on personal observation), and discussion of the evaluations with the dean
  • Promotion of faculty and AI development by overseeing faculty grant applications, professional development (such as conference presentations), etc.
  • Supervision of tenure and promotion dossiers for department faculty members, and the writing of recommendations
  • Supervision of all departmental activities, such as new student auditions, recital hearings, departmental examinations, etc., along with the publicizing of these events and maintenance of accurate records of results
  • Organization of departmental meetings and coordination of department faculty's activities as related to the department
  • Advising of majors in the department, including recommendations for doctoral advisory and research committees
  • Work with the Jacobs School of Music administration on the relationship of the department to the mission of the school.