Course Load

For Performance and Composition Study, a full studio is 18 students for each fall and spring semester. Each student will receive will receive a minimum of fourteen face-to-face (in person, not online) lessons per semester given by the faculty member who is the teacher of record. During the summer session, a full studio is also 18 students and pay is usually in proportion to load. See the JSoM Bulletin for additional details regarding performance study policies.

For calculating teaching loads, a 3-credit course is generally considered equivalent to six students (or one-third of a teaching load) for a performance or composition faculty member. For academic faculty, a full teaching assignment is usually considered two or three courses per semester depending upon other responsibilities. During the summer session, a full load is two courses. Jacobs School of Music and university policy has established a minimum enrollment of 10 students in undergraduate classes and 5 students in graduate classes. Classes with enrollments below these minima may be canceled.