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2012 Video Competition Winners


2012 Essay Contest Winners


2012 Video Competition Winners

For our first annual video competition, JSoM student entrepreneurs created videos about something they did, or something that their group did that was in line with what Project Jumpstart is all about! The following were the winning videos:

1st Place Winner: Erich Rieppel

2nd Place Winner: Steven Metcalf

Encouragement Award Winner: Stevan Jovic

2012 Essay Contest Winners

Our first annual essay contest asked JSoM students to answer the question: What are you doing to be proactive about your future as a musician? The following students submitted winning essays:

Stevan Jovic

It is quite unusual for a student of my age to contribute to the musical world through more than just my playing. I had a brilliant idea this summer and decided to act on it immediately. The idea was about inventing a device that would help guitarists to form and maintain the correct posture of the hand used to pluck the strings. With this idea, I invented a device called Practice-Right! (Read more about the Practice-Right and how Stevan is promoting it)

Rose Fraser

I made the decision to pursue a career in music largely because I believe the arts have the power to change lives for the better. It is my dream to create a career that combines performing, teaching and writing, in the hopes of reaching as many people and making as big an impact as possible. This is a lofty goal, but I have come to realize that nearly every situation can yield an opportunity to share or inspire. In fact, as I learned last summer, the greatest of these opportunities often come from the most difficult or unpleasant situations. (Read more about Rose's summer work with NEOJIBA)

Madeleine Ohman (Encouragement Award)

At the Jacobs School of Music, I consider myself one of the more “abnormal musicians” relative to my peers. Being a musician is inextricably linked to my dreams and aspirations, but I wouldn’t necessarily give myself that title. I may not be able to read sheet music as well as my peers, but I can detect and apply all the nuances I hear in music to my movement. My instrument also differs from my peers because it senses, feels, emotes and lives.  My instrument is in harmony with music as well as life. My instrument is my body. (Read more about how Madeleine uses her body as an instrument)