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NOTE: If your department is not listed, please contact your studio professor.


No Hearings.


Students should contact Prof. McDonald and Prof. Szmyt to schedule a time that works for all involved two weeks before the recital. Hearing adjudicators prefer to hear the majority of the recital program. Hearings take place in MA003.


Students should contact Helena Walsh at to set up hearings.


Students can schedule hearings through their studio professor or the chair of the department two weeks before the recital.


For detailed information regarding piano hearings, please visit the following webpage:


Students should email directly the Chair of the String Department as soon as their recital date and time is approved.

The email to the Chair must include the following information:

  • student name
  • instrument
  • degree program and year of program (JR, SR, MM, PD)
  • date and time of recital
  • hall location
  • studio professor

Students should pick up a Hearing Request Form, as soon as their recital date and time is approved. (Hearing forms are located in the folder outside of the Voice Department Office MU105.)

  • Hearings are held Wednesdays at 4:35 p.m. in Recital Hall. Choose the date that is the Wednesday 10 days to two weeks before your recital. Hearings cannot be scheduled the week of your recital.
  • On the form please be sure to indicate any scheduling conflicts (including your pianist's), which means that you would need to sing early or late. 
  • Hearing Request Forms should be completed, signed by your studio professor, and returned to the Voice Department Office as soon as possible.  
  • The Voice Deparment will contact you with the time of the hearing. (Students are usually scheduled in order of degree, BSOF, BM, MM, and PD.)
  • Students should contact Kenta Akaogi at no less than four weeks before their recital.
  • Hearings are held Wednesdays beginning at 1pm in Recital Hall . 
  • Students must be prepared to play a hearing no less than 2 weeks before their recital, and all musicians on the program must be present at the hearing, including chamber groups and small orchestras, etc.

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