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Creating Program Online

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How to Access the Program Creation Form
  • Complete a Program Creation Form by accessing the Program Creation website from an on-campus computer. Please use Internet Explorer or Safari. DO NOT use Google Chrome.
  • On this website you will be able to complete the following steps:
    • Create a program
    • Propose a date and time
    • Propose a JSoM recital hall (or alternate location)
    • Send your instructor/recital committee an automated approval request email
  • You will receive confirmation emails from the online system as you complete each required step and reminder emails for required next steps.

Note: You are required to complete a new Program Creation Form, if you canceled a recital in a previous semester.

How to Create a Program from an Off-campus Computer
  • If you are accessing this from an off-campus computer, you will first need to connect to IU VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • To connect to VPN, please go to and follow the instructions.

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How to Enter Recital Program Information
  • IMPORTANT: Do not enter duplicate composers, titles, or movements

  • Please remember the following when entering new composers and/or compositions into the database:
    • The title of each work, including key and opus numbers
    • "BWV" numbers for J.S. Bach; "K" numbers for Mozart; "D" numbers for Schubert
    • If the work does not have opus numbers, put the year of the composition
    • Spell out key signatures: C-Sharp, B-Flat
    • "Major" and "Minor" are both capitalized
    • Enter the full name of each composer with birth and death years
    • Tempo markings or names of movements
    • Person's name who plays an obbligato (place following the work)
    • For an aria or art song, enter the work from which it comes first; then enter the title of the aria or art song
  • Correct spellings and placement of accent marks are YOUR responsibility.
  • UNDERGRAD - BME, BSOF, BM Jazz and BM Composition recitals:
    • Choose either "Student" or "Senior" recital.  DO NOT SELECT "Junior" recital.
Recital Program Contact Information
  • The online recital database is automatically populated. As a result, extra "Froms" may be added to the automated recital program.  They will be removed from the final recital program. To confirm "groupings" of sets, please feel free to contact the Recital Program Office (musprgrm [at] indiana [dot] edu).
  • For any program changes, please contact the Recital Program Office (PB113, 855-0818; e-mail: musprgrm [at] indiana [dot] edu). Changes to the program two weeks prior to the recital will not be charged an additional fee. Changes that are submitted less than 2 weeks prior to the recital may be subject to an additional fee. 
  • For any questions about creating your program, please contact musicits [at] indiana [dot] edu or musprgrm [at] indiana [dot] edu. 

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Recital Setup Information 
  • Students should submit a recital setup form two weeks before their recital date.
  • If you require technology or any other setup for your recital, please read this page for more information.
  • Click here to access the Recital Setup Form
  • If you have any questions about completing the Recital Setup Online form, please email Andy Stoute at astoute [at] indiana [dot] edu.