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Staff of the Singing Hoosiers


Student Manager Kendall Renaud
Logistics Manager Brittany Huckaby
Administrative Assistant Olivia Sears
Treasurer TBA
Varsity Choreographer Graham Hawley
Riser Choreographers Lauren Saxe and Noah Katz
Personnel Coordinators Emily Paulson, Women
  Keegan Caughey, Men
Librarians Brandon Porter and Anna Sistevaris,
  Claire Drews, Assistant
  Olivia Sears, Assistant
Women’s Costumes Emily Paulson, Chair
Men’s Costumes Ethan Gresham, Chair
Section Leaders Samantha Thielen Soprano 1
  Chelsea Bonhotel, Soprano 2
  Michelle Kitsis, Alto 1
  Brittany Huckaby, Alto 2
  Brandon Porter, Tenor 1
  Robbie Rittman, Tenor 2
  TBA, Baritone
  TBA, Bass 2
Alumni Representatives Claire Drews, Senior Class
  Robbie Rittman, Junior Class
  Amelia Welch, Sophomore Class
  TBA, Freshmen Class
Equipment Managers Rusty Brost and Will Coval, Co-Managers
Social Chairs Ike Hajinazarian and Brittany Huckaby,
Historian Amelia Welch, Chair
Webmaster Laura Cahalan
Public Relations Representatives Laura Cahalan
  Lauren Saxe
  Noah Katz