Musicology Department

Austin B Caswell Awards

Recipients of the Austin B. Caswell Award and Title of Winning Papers


Grace Saunders   “The Appeal of the Unexpected in Die Zauberflöte”
Zhizhong (Danny) Xie  “Cori Spezzati in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries”


Kaitlyn Paradise   “Kepler’s Music of the Spheres and His Astronomy”
Rose Fraser        “A Developmental Dialogue:  Common Roots and Interplay in Medieval Jewish and Arabic Music”


Linsey Rogers        “Crossing the Line:  A Stylistic Study of the Film Music and Concert Music of Miklós Rózsa”
Abraham Smith    ”Guillaume de Machaut and the Inception of the Musician-Celebrity”


Carol Ann Cheung    “Sexuality in Lady Macbeth”
Clara Nieman        “Rameau as Theorist and Composer”


Miyo Aoki        “The Origins of the Ars Subtilior Style”
Rebecca Gabriel    “Dær was hearpan sweg… or was there?.  Music, Speech, and Beowolf”


Alyssa Yorgan        “A Critical Look at Hermeneutical Analyses of Schubert’s Works”
Stanley Fink        “An Insightful Study of Influences on Ottaviano Petrucci”


Ross Crane        “On the Evolution of Style:  The Trouvere Tradition and Guillaume de Machaut”
Ben Syversen      


Dena Borman        “Voice of Steve Reich in the Third Movement of Different Trains”
Ben Syversen        “Aristoxenus’ Spatial Conception of Music”


Liam Byrne        “Marin Marais’s Influence on French Accompanimental Style”
Drew Massey        “The Piano as Proving Ground in the Music of John Cage, 1940-1951”


Leanne Dodge        “Spectacle, Humanism, and Patronage:  Claudio Monteverdi’s Orfeo and Arianna as Political Tools of Vincenzo Gonzaga
Maria del Carmen Espinosa    “The Influence of the Argentinian Context in Alberto Ginastera’s ‘Objective Nationalism’ (1937-1947) through the Analysis of Danzas Argentinas”


Justin Hoffman    Ockeghem’s Missa Cuiusvis Toni, Tinctoris, and Choirboys:  A Fifteenth-Century Catholicon Mass in Theory and Practice”
Jeffrey Litman        The Marriage of Music and Poetry in Leonard Bernstein’s:  The Age of Anxiety Symphony Number Two For Piano and Orchestra after W.H. Auden”


Julia Dolken        “An Ancient Partnership Renewed:  The Historical Relationship Between Music and Medicine”
William Quillen    “The Aesthetics of Otherness:  Eighteenth-Century European Exoticism as Expressed in Mozart’s Turquerie”


Jennifer E. Borhart    “Olivier Messiaen:  Musical Philosopher”
Matthew Van Brink    “Salomone’s Sacred Style Reading Rossi Rhetorically”


Brian P. Harlow    “William Byrd:  Master of Text and Music”
Teddie Hwang        “Parallels in the Artistic Style of Arnold Schoenberg and Wassily Kandinsky”


Rebecca Powell    “The Music of the Spheres and its Effects in Renaissance Musical Thought”
Cory Smythe        “The Girl with the Flaxen Toupee:  Simulated Sex and the Decadent Aesthetic in the Music of Claude Debussy”