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Non-Major Music Minor

The Minor consists of 20 hours, of which at least 15 must be taken on the Bloomington campus.

Core Requirements (8 credit hours)
Courses (6 credits)
  • Z101: Music for the Listener (3)
  • Z111: Introduction to Music Theory (3)

T109 or Z211 may substitute for Z111; T151 may substitute for Z101 and Z111 with the addition of 3 credit hours of music electives.

Ensemble/Live Performance (2 credit hours)

Enroll in either 2 semesters of any of the all-campus ensembles (no audition required), 1 semester of a music major ensemble (audition required), or enroll in MUS-Z 100: The Live Musical Performance.

  • X1: All-Campus Ensemble (Jazz, Orchestra, Choir, Band)
  • Z161: Steel Drumming
  • Z162: Hand Drumming
  • X040: Instrumental Ensemble
  • X070: Choral Ensemble (includes Singing Hoosiers)
  • X030: Ballet Ensemble
  • X050: Marching Hundred
  • X060: Early Music Ensemble
  • X414: Latin American Popular Music Ensemble
For audition information, contact:

Latin American Popular Music Ensemble:

Electives (12 credit hours)

Choose from courses with a Z- prefix. At least 9 of the 12 credits must be at the 300 level or higher.

  • Z103: Special Topics (varied) (3)
  • Z110: Elective Performance Study (a maximum of 3 credits)
  • Z120: Music in Multimedia (3)
  • Z171: Opera Theatre I (3)
  • Z201: History of Rock Music I: Roots of Rock (3)
  • Z202: History of Rock Music II: Music of the Sixties (3)
  • Z203: History of Rock Music III: The 70s and 80s (3)
  • Z211: Music Theory II (3)Z250: Choral Masterworks (3)
  • Z260: Music in American Society (3)
  • Z265: American Country Music (3)
  • Z280: Music of the Silk Road (3)
  • Z281: East-West Encounters in Music (3)
  • Z282: Music of Russia (3)
  • Z311: Music Theory III (3) (P: Z211)
  • Z313: Legal Aspects of the Music Industry (3)
  • Z315: Music for Film (3)
  • Z320: Advanced Special Topics in Music (varied) (3)
  • Z361: Introduction to MIDI and Computer Music (3)
  • Z362: Computer Music: Design/Perform (3)
  • Z373: The American Musical (3)
  • Z385: History of the Blues (3)
  • Z390: Jazz for Listeners (3)
  • Z393: History of Jazz (3)
  • Z395: Contemporary Jazz and Soul (3)
  • Z401: The Music of the Beatles (3)
  • Z402: Music of Frank Zappa (3)
  • Z403: Music of Jimi Hendrix (3)
  • Z404: The Music of Bob Dylan (3)
  • Z405: The Music of the Beach Boys (3)
  • Z411: Music Theory IV (3) (P: Z311)
  • Z413: Latin American Popular Music (3)
  • Z415: Connections: Art, Music, Literature (3)
  • M392: Art Musics of the Non-Western World (3)

Many of these courses are on the College Distribution lists for Arts and Humanities and/or World Language and Culture.

Any course in which the student receives a grade below C- may not be used to fulfill a requirement for the minor.

Other opportunities
Private Lessons

Any student may register for non-major lessons on an instrument. The course number is MUS Z110, listed by instrument/voice section for 2 credit hours. You will be notified by email of your teacher assignment during the first week of classes.

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