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Constance Cook Glen, Coordinator
Music in General Studies
Jacobs School of Music;
IUB-Sycamore 136


Jacobs School of Music
Indiana University
1201 East Third Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

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General Information

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New Courses: Spring 2017

MUS Z 291 – Producing Electronic Dance Music (3 cr.)

Production-centered course focused on techniques for composing, recording, and mixing electronic dance music tracks.

MUS Z 320 – Advanced Special Topics in Music for Nonmajors

Topic: Music and Astronomy
The connections between music and astronomy are ancient, powerful, and exciting. This course will examine how these fields have interacted throughout history and the ways in which these interactions continue to shape our understanding of science, art, and the universe around us.

Bulletin Course Information

Note that courses listed below for Music in General Studies are not offered every semester.