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Dr. Dana Marsh

Dana Marsh appointed as visiting faculty to IU Jacobs School of Music’s Historical Performance Institute


EMI Founder

Learn more about EMI founder Thomas Binkley’s career and contributions.


The New Face of Early Music in Higher Education

Welcome to the Jacobs School of Music Historical Performance Institute and Department! You will notice that our program is undergoing an exciting renewal and we’re brandishing a new name.

Since its founding by Thomas Binkley in 1979, the Historical Performance Institute (established as the Early Music Institute) of the Jacobs School of Music has been the pioneering, leading program of its kind in the United States. Its faculty has exerted a defining influence on the profession. Today, the rosters of university faculties and leading period instrument and vocal ensembles are replete with JSoM-HPI alumni that continue to make significant contributions to the field as vocalists and instrumentalists; as soloists, educators, administrators, advocates, and founders of new ensembles and performance organizations.
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Historical performance has changed the aesthetic and musical expectations of audiences worldwide, whether they are listening to music composed before 1750, or to repertory extending as far forward as the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. Accordingly, our new plans take into full account the changes that have ensued since the HPI was first founded.

The field of higher education has also changed radically since the 1970s. Most relevantly for us, higher education has been in a constant process of re-envisioning the frontiers of subject study as well as multi-disciplinary collaboration in the arts and humanities. The Historical Performance Institute has integrated these changes into its new vision by adopting an interdisciplinary strategy: to establish fresh models of research and curriculum development sustainable for the next half century. HPI aims to lead the field in an innovative synthesis of curriculum and performance, driven by original research, and united by faculty drawn from a broad range of specialties.


Our Mission is our Students

The Historical Performance Institute offers students at the Jacobs School of Music the highest standard of instrumental and vocal training along with a thorough grounding in the academic reference tools of the profession – comprehensive theoretical, critical, historiographical and practical skills: to study, to interpret, and to perform period-specific music of the past millennium through to the early twentieth century.

  • HPI aims to provide JSoM students with an innovatively configured curriculum that makes a bold contribution to evolving collaborations within the allied arts, humanities and social sciences.
  • Appropriately in today's employment market, HPI offers students the tools and knowledge through which to develop an entrepreneurial view of their work, to shape valuable careers that contribute to the profession.
  • JSoM Students who minor in historical performance are equipped to deal with issues of performance practice as required in the competitive job market.
  • HPI's collection of historical instruments provides JSoM string, keyboard, wind, reed and brass students experience with high-quality, user-friendly historical models. Reflecting changes in the instrument-building trade since the leading conservatory collections were enlarged in the 1960s-80s, the JSoM's projected new ensemble acquisitions will be distinctive, leading a new wave that emphasizes the use of one workshop, creating the best possible ensemble sound.
  • HPI's offering of recitals, concerts, opera, symposia, outreach in primary and secondary education; its forthcoming summer academies and festivals; its series of scholarly publications and recordings; its accessible, unrivalled collection of historical instruments – all of these essential elements – provide an annual rhythm of endeavor that stimulates and nurtures a broad-ranging constituency, regionally, nationally, and internationally.


The HPI’s inaugural project is slated for the fall semester of 2014 and will demonstrate our new plans in action. There will be modern premiers of music from eighteenth-century Mexico, with an offering of multi-disciplinary symposia and performances. Further details will be released in August – watch this space!

We invite you to visit our pages frequently for updates over the coming academic year!

Wendy Gillespie (Chair)
Dana Marsh (Coordinator)
Nigel North
Stanley Ritchie
Elisabeth Wright

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