Composition Department


Faculty Listing

Current Faculty
Eugene O’Brien, 1987-
Jeffrey Hass, 1987-
Claude Baker, 1988-
Don Freund, 1992-
David Dzubay, 1992-
P. Q. Phan, 1999-
John Gibson, 2000-
Aaron Travers, 2009-

Former Faculty
Bernhard Heiden, '46-'81
Thomas Beversdorf, '51-77
Roy Harris, '57-'60
Juan Orrego-Salas, '61-'87
Iannis Xenakis, '67-'72
John Eaton, '70-'92
Frederick Fox, '74-'97
Harvey Sollberger, '83-'92
Donald Erb, '83-'88
Marta Ptaszynska, '97-'98
Sven-David Sandström, '99-'08

Visiting Faculty
Earle Brown
Samuel Adler, '98-'99
Daniel Godfrey, '98
James Mobberley, '98
Marilyn Shrude, '98
Augusta Read Thomas, '98
Brenton Broadstock, '99
Steve Rouse, '99
Keith Fitch, '01
Sydney Hodkinson, '02
Chinary Ung, '05-'06
Richard Wernick, '05-'06
Christopher Cook, '06-'07
David Ward-Steinman, '06-'09
Michael Gandolfi, '08
Gabriela Ortiz, '08
Sven-David Sandström, '12-'16





The distinguished composition faculty in the Jacobs School of Music is committed to providing the best environment, training and opportunities for young composers, acting individually as teachers and mentors, and together as a department.

David Dzubay
David Dzubay
Professor of Music (Composition); Chair, Department of Composition
(812) 855-5833
East Studio Building, JS311

Claude Baker
Claude Baker
Class of 1956 Chancellor's Professor of Music (Composition)
(812) 855-7423
East Studio Building, JS232

Don Freund
Don Freund
Professor of Music (Composition)
(812) 855-1242
East Studio Building, JS436

John  Gibson
John Gibson
Associate Professor of Music (Composition: Electronic and Computer Music)
(812) 856-0376
Musical Arts Center, MC209

Larry Groupé
Larry Groupé
Visiting Professor of Music (Composition: Music Scoring for Visual Media)

Music Addition, MA110

Jeffrey Hass
Jeffrey Hass
Professor of Music (Composition); Director, Center for Electronic and Computer Music
(812) 855-6401
Musical Arts Center, MC204

Eugene O'Brien
Eugene O'Brien
Professor of Music (Composition)
(812) 855-5541
East Studio Building, JS407

P. Q. Phan
P. Q. Phan
Professor of Music (Composition)
(812) 855-1397
East Studio Building, JS423

Sven-David Sandström
Sven-David Sandström
Adjunct Faculty Emeritus (Composition)
East Studio Building, JS424

Aaron Travers
Aaron Travers
Associate Professor of Music (Composition)
(812) 855-7825
East Studio Building, JS433

Alicyn Warren
Alicyn Warren
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music (Composition: Electronic and Computer Music)
Musical Arts Center, MC209